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chippie12 Tue 05-Jul-11 03:00:52

So fed up grin( My oldest boy who is 16 is not listening to anything i say or do. He is hanging around with lads younger than him and acting immature getting up to mischief too. He does what he wants, example was tonight he was told he was not staying at his friends but he just went anyway. I am a single parent and split with his father years ago, he never takes him overnight only for a few hours here and there, yet dictates to me about parenting. I just feel totally drained with his lack of respect for me and doing his own thing regardless of what i say. What can I do? His father will never take him overnight, i could really do with some help, he just shys away from responsibility, Any advice greatly appreciated :0(

brehon Tue 05-Jul-11 23:15:00

I had slightly similar problems with my now 16 year old. There was only so much i could do as I'm only 5'2 and he is nearly 6 ft. Thankfully he has grown out of being an oick but have you tried a parenting group or a group called positive parenting (PPP). You could ask at your local GP, school or contact a health visitor as they should have details for all courses in your area. You learn new strategies, find out what worked for others. It is hard. It is lonely but you are not alone. Hope this helps a bit.

Ryma Wed 06-Jul-11 15:23:40

Why he never stay with his dad?

lizziefalconer Thu 07-Jul-11 13:51:44

I have three children and the eldest is 22 now and the middle one is 14. So I have had some experience with this! There were lots of mistakes I made with the first one which I am now adapting to the second. But I was recently recommended Agnus Castus a herbal pill which is available in health shops. I bought it for my son's teenage acne and the spots cleared up in three days! But what was also so amazing is that my 14 year old had calmed down and has stopped being so stroppy. It's like HRT for teenagers. I have also started using it myself for PMT and it's brilliant. I am doing a degree in nutrition and work as a therapist and I really believe that diet and nutrition are essential to helping our children. I keep my children off processed foods and they have vitamins etc every day. Hope this helps.

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