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Our first gay pride

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anniewindsor Mon 04-Jul-11 15:28:45

Well we've had an interesting experience this weekend. DS1 & DS2 both wanted to go to pride in London. They've both been out on the "scene" in London before but never to a pride. I've only ever seen it once before and that was years ago where it didn't seem relevent.
We watched the parade and it really was wonderful. There was so much to see and with all the different groups - like gay Muslims and gay servicemen, it was brilliant to see them all together.
Soho was packed afterwards but we pushed our way through the crowds. There were lots of men wearing next to nothing and I think enough young gay men for my boys to enjoy it.
I get the feeling they wanted me to see it so I could understand them a bit better. They are both "active" and seem confident. They met up with some friends and I left them to come home whenever. I can see the attraction for them there and pride had a fantastic atmosphere. It was very very sexual though even in the early evening but I guess they are already exposed to that side of life.
Not sure why I'm posting. Not really looking for comments or feedback, just thought I'd post anyway.

gotolder Mon 04-Jul-11 16:35:40

Good for you for going with them and enjoying it. We hear far too much of the negative side of gay people with disapproving families, it's lovely to hear your storygrin.

PS Am not gay myself, nor do I have any gay members of family but have had gay friends for more years than I care to divulgegrin.

Schtum Mon 04-Jul-11 18:37:40

Thank you for sharing your story Annie. I'm really pleased that it was such a wonderful, celebratory and succesful day for you all.

What a lovely thing for a great Mum to do with hers sons.

sofadweller Mon 04-Jul-11 21:45:05

Great really that you could all go and enjoy the day.

anniewindsor Thu 07-Jul-11 16:49:54

Thanks all. They both came home on the last train and seemed to have had a great time. They certainly both came away with phone numbers but I doubt they'll ever ring them. And no doubt there is lots of other stuff they don't want to tell me or that I probably shouldn't know.

Now they're talking about going down to Brighton Pride and camping for the weekend. I'll leave that one to them.

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