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Telling a teen about a subsequent pregnancy

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sjbstar Sat 02-Jul-11 10:44:19

I have a nearly 14 ds. He has always been adamant that he should be an only child. When I remarried he was angry, and tried to make me promise not to have any more children. I have always told him that I appreciate him sharing his feelings but that these types of decisions were not for him to make, but no matter what happened that he would always be very much loved and never replaced. (I'm not sure that these were his worries, but I was second guessing). Anyway, I am now happily pregnant and need to tell him.
I know that this will be difficult and he will be angry and upset. Other than being reassuring and consistent does anyone have any advice for us? He is very hormonal at the moment and has been going through "grunting" phases so we are not best placed to have in depth conversations.
I myself have siblings from my parents later relationships and remember being horrified when they were born.

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