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help my 15 year old d is out of control!!!!

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mamof5 Thu 16-Jun-11 00:41:43

my 15 year old is refusing to go to school
(and when she does go she's often at least 2 hours late) she's staying out all hours, smoking and drinking! she's always been a bit of a handfull but lately it's like shes on self-destruct mode, she has a "don't care" attitude. i'm now reduced to tears can't cope anymore and don't know what to do, help!!!

sweetkitten Fri 17-Jun-11 23:06:41

you are not alone, think quite alot of us on here have the terrible teenager. my daughter is 16, shes quite the same but agressive and has tantrums.. i worked on the 'i dont care' attitude first, but doing it to her when she wanted something and i had refused.. we still get the 'i dont care' but not as much as before.
Mine hasnt attended main stream school since beginning of year 9, she went to a referal unit, which helped quite a bit.. We found a place called Fairbridge, they have places up and down the country. They run all kinds of programmes, she she started with them she doesnt have has many tantrums and is starting to control her anger alittle.. Fairbridge has a strict no alcohol/drugs/mobile phones while they are there smile

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