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How to I provide a safety net for DS (17) going to Greece this summer

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Jaynie1 Sun 12-Jun-11 11:56:18

I am very anxious about DS heading to Kos this summer along with crowds of friends. Any suggestions on how he takes money, how we can get money to him if he loses his bank card (or just totally overspends), what he does if he loses his tickets or passport. I know all the advice I need to give to him, but how do I protect him if things go wrong?

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sun 12-Jun-11 12:07:44

I would get him one of these, it can be topped up online if necessary and cancelled immediately if he loses it. Tickets don't matter (flight) as if he loses his boarding card, then he simply needs to go online in an internet cafe to reprint. I travel between Spain and the UK monthly and NEVER take a boarding card with me to the airport, simply handing over my passport at check in. If they're staying at a hotel or an aparthotel, then I would suggest putting his p/port in the safe if available. He certainly won't be needing to walk about with it.

I live in Spain and last year DD1 had 9 friends over for a fortnight, we rented an apartment for them and left them to their own devices. They were mostly sensible and nothing was lost/broken etc.

Make sure you have the numbers for the local consulate (and that he has them too) and make sure that his phone is set for roaming and has enough credit on it. It may be worth his buying a cheap €25 phone with a local sim in it as calls/texts can get to silly numbers.

Honestly - the worst that DD1's lot did was drink a little too much way too much for a couple and feel crap for a day or so. Warn him that while he can see the sun is hot etc sunstroke is VERY easy to get. Send him with plenty of Factor 25/30 (any higher really doesn't make that much of a difference).

If he has half a brain he will probably understand all this. Don't stress though, DD1's lot had the most fantastic time last year and are all coming out again this year, but independently. It's DD2's turn this year - they are all finishing Year 11 and apart from getting read the riot act at the beginning, I will leave them to their own as well.

Jaynie1 Sun 12-Jun-11 15:26:15

Thanks - that's really helpful.

Loshad Sun 12-Jun-11 22:14:58

thanks rockstock - useful to me as well

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Sun 12-Jun-11 23:01:22

No problem - forewarned and all that!

weetabox Mon 13-Jun-11 10:57:31

Warn him of the risks for hiring bikes/ quad bikes. Be aware that when hiring a vehicle, hire companies will often demand your passport as a form of security. Do not to hand over your passport under any circumstance

RockStockAndTwoOpenBottles Mon 13-Jun-11 16:12:39

Good point weetabox same goes for jetskis and the like.

heleninahandcart Mon 13-Jun-11 23:13:00

Added to this list, good idea to scan his passport and bank card/account details and have him send it to himself at his hotmail account and to yours. He can then access this any time he needs to, and so can you if you need to do it on his behalf.

Make sure his passport actually has your name and number in the right place for emergencies

One important one if its Greece, drink plenty of water every day. Dehydration is otherwise likely and very dangerous (he will also suffer from alcohol more without it) This also helps guard against sunstroke.
He should know that it needs LOTS of suntan lotion before sun to work property (and will ignore this anyway!)

Turn off DATA roaming completely. Just checking a few websites could cost him £100s. He has to go to cafes to use their wireless instead.
Make sure phone roaming is activated before he goes with phone company
Code in a ICE (in case of emergency) number into his phone ie yours
Agree its a great idea for him to buy a local SIM card there which the shop will help him top up. Depends on whether his friends are doing the same.

Pack condoms, Greek ones look different (the condom packets that is blush)

Do not hire mopeds/scooters (he should need bike or driving licence for this but some dodgy ones will rent anyway). This is a huge cause of injury in Greece amongst young people generally, not just amongst tourists
Avoid jet skis

Make sure he has the new EC medical card and its up to date. Also private travel insurance.

I'm sure he'll be fine smile

heleninahandcart Mon 13-Jun-11 23:16:05

Oh and call me picky, but know exactly which resort, hotel/apartment he is staying in. Sounds obvious I know but these are teen boys...

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