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Any advice on getting anger management course for DS??

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koolaroo Wed 01-Jun-11 16:53:33

I have a 13 (soon to be 14) Ds who I love with all my heart but am so worried he is going to get into big trouble with his temper.

He is not doing well at school, he argues with teachers, gets excluded or put in isolation all day because he cannot seem to restrain himself when it comes to doing as he is told.
His temper is my biggest worry, he is fine with me but seems to have no control over it when anyone tries to discipline him. Ive spoken to the school on countless occasions, seen teachers etc, and the majority of the people I have talked to have said he is a nice lad but seems to lack any self restraint. He is polite and caring when he is at home but seems to turn into another person as soon as he leaves the house and he has got into more than a few fights with people who have said anything to him he didnt agree with or have said something to his friends. He will punch the wall in temper if he thinks he is being hard done by and im so scared he is going to get into a lot of trouble if we dont tackle his temper!!

Does anyone know if they do anger management courses for teens?And if so should I speak to school,doctor or police?? Im sure if he had some guidance with what to do when he "see's red" it would, if nothing else,improve his schooling.

GypsyMoth Wed 01-Jun-11 17:08:16

dd's school were offering it,but also,maybe ask for help and get school to do a CAF report. help can be accessed through that

dd's violence escalated before xmas and she got herself arrested a few times. she was then handed to youth offending team who did some 'consequences' work with her. they were very good (she's 14) and we seem to have largely come out the other side. touch wood.

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