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Zit-scratching, scab-bothering nightmare DS - help!

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NiceCupOfTea Tue 31-May-11 15:40:05

How do I get ds (14) to stop picking his spots (not even real spots, more like pimples), turning them into huge scabs, peeling the scabs off, getting them infected, bleeding and weepy, and generally looking like a plague victim?

I've tried being nice ('you'd be even more gorgeous with clear skin); being horrible ('urgh, you look disgusting); pyscho-bitch ('no girl will ever fancy you with a face like that') and apocalyptic ('your face will be full of inch-wide scars FOR THE REST OF YOUR LIFE, then don't say I never told you so') BUT NOTHING WORKS (although I may have mentally scarred him for life with all my negative comments, but ho hum).

It's driving me nuts. It's just his forehead at the mo, but if it spreads to his face I may have to buy him a mask. I've tried ignoring it, but it looks sooooo bad.


Naoko Tue 31-May-11 21:06:54

You can't. Leave the poor lad alone, the more you mention it the more he'll remember they're there and pick at them. Never mind probably making him feel really self conscious.

kreecherlivesupstairs Wed 01-Jun-11 09:42:32

Is it possible that they itch? Maybe some antihisthamine cream and a decent facewash rather than sarcasm. Poor lad.

Squirrelface Fri 03-Jun-11 22:45:41

We have the same problem with our daughter - think it's a nervous habit/compulsion. I sympathise with your frustration on this one. She then spends ages covering self-inflicted wounds with concealer before venturing out. Apparently it can be a symptom of OCD. I too have tried all approaches - if you find out how to get them to stop, let me know!

summer111 Tue 07-Jun-11 17:35:00

Has he been to the GP to have his acne treated - If the acne isn't there, he has nothing to pick. If it isn't severe, dd found panoxyl aqua gel 2.5% strength brilliant. It cleared up forehead acne really quickly (matter of days)and is an over the counter remedy. It dries out the skin so you can use it in conjunction with some light moisturiser eg Simple lotion. Maybe worth a try along with a non abrasive facewash.

Thingumy Tue 07-Jun-11 21:41:06

Take him to the gp.

No-one needs to put up with spots.

Dd got a bit 'relaxed' with her appearance ie not washing with soap and water and this doesn't create a healthy skin so he does need to wash with soap to get rid of bacteria (and wash his hands!).

DD's GP prescribed her a low dose of antibiotic and a skin treatment-it helped!

I think if you can kindly remind him that he may scar his skin if he continues to pick and scratch but if he has a treatment that clears his spots then there will be nothing to pick at so a trip to the GP is the best option.

josla Wed 08-Jun-11 01:17:50

Also, have you tried taking him into Boots and choosing some remedies? Some of the creams and lotions do cost quite a bit! DS has a different problem - never washed - just a dirty smear on the pillow case and towels in the bathroom, especially after sport - he was a pain at 14, and I took him to Debenhams skin counter for Clinique - he was mortified, I was £35 lighter, and he got the message to wash! grin

josla Wed 08-Jun-11 01:18:44

also get him to google image search 'acne scarring'...

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