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Counselling for 14 year old

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Mumski Wed 24-Sep-03 15:23:01

My friend is going thrugh a v. acrimonious divorce. Younger son seems to be coping but her 14 year old - egged on by her nearly ex husband blames her for every thing going wrong. She has really tried to talk to him but without success. After a long girlie talk and a couple of bottles of wine, we felt it would help if he could have an independent person to talk to. She feels accessing something through school wouldn't help and he's having problems there too. Any suggestions anyone as to where she can get help for him?

Janstar Thu 25-Sep-03 10:19:15

Hi Mumski, I've been through a lot of problems with my depressed 14 year old and she is attending the local NHS child and family clinic. It's a bit early for me to judge whether it is working for her or not but they seem very good so far. My dd is going there due to the fact that she took an overdose and the hospital phsychiatrist referred her there. But I imagine a GP could refer to there also.

Another helpful body is Young Minds whom Aloha was kind enough to recommend to me. I phoned them and they sent me lots of leaflets for myself and my dd. They also offered me a consultation over the phone. 020 7336 8443 or Good luck.

Mumski Mon 29-Sep-03 12:10:27

Thanks Janstar, I'll pass the details on to her. It sounds the sort of thing which could be very helpful.

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