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nice family in london

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daxie Fri 12-Nov-10 13:55:54

hello, i`m a german mother with two kids. my 13 year -old daughter wants to go to school in london and so we are searching a nice and friendly family, who wants to give her a warm home for one year. most time, she is a sympathiy teenie-only sometimes i like to forget that i have a daughter ;-). next summer she is 14 and visit the school for year 9.
Maybe you know a family with a teenie in this age, where she can learn the british way of life.
PLEASE ask everybody for her wish!!!
Hope to hear (read) soon from you-however, i´M waiting for your advices.
Thank you for reading this and many greetings from berlin-germany

iwastooearlytobeayummymummy Fri 12-Nov-10 22:03:10

Hello Daxie

I didn't want to leave your message unanswered, but I think many families would be nervous of having a 13 year old to stay for so long.
Have you contacted any German companies or your daughter's school to see if they can arrange shorter visits, or perhaps you have friends, family or connections that could help you?
Personally I think your daughter should consider coming alone to live in the UK when she is a little older, perhaps 17 or 18.
Please look at the attached link.

best wishes from London x

Greenwing Fri 12-Nov-10 22:59:01

My sons are at a school which has boarders and a number of them are from Germany.
Are you able to afford school fees? If so that would be the ideal way to send her over here safely to learn the English language and the English way of life.

cat64 Fri 12-Nov-10 23:05:24

Message withdrawn

iwastooearlytobeayummymummy Fri 12-Nov-10 23:05:39

your idea is genius, of course a boarding school is a good compromise!

maryz Fri 12-Nov-10 23:27:54

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

daxie Sat 13-Nov-10 12:05:34

thank you so much for the answers! I try to be careful, i would not send her to a strange family, in spring i would visit this family, to see if their aren´t slavetraders.
Also i think she is very young for this adventure, but after months with her begging ,i try to take her wish in a serious way- neverthe less england is not so far away,so i can visit her or -the badest case- i take her home bevor the year is ending. in her german school she is always welcome. Also her teachers there told me, that they think it´s ok for her to go to london, but -of course- i´m not toohappy about her wish, also i think ,to give her a good education is the best i can do for her. there are so many pros and contras -it´s not easy to decide,so i try to prepare everthing in a perfect way.
and it is very nice that you all are helping me--THANK YOU VERY MUCH!!
many greeting from berlin

Greenwing Sun 14-Nov-10 23:41:14

Hi again.
It is great that your daughter is so keen to learn English.

At these websites you can search for Independent Schools in different areas of the country. Search.htm#acounty

This website gives a guide to different schools

School fees are usually higher in London and the South East. Private, independent and public all mean the same thing ('public' schools are the most expensive and considered the 'poshest'!)

We call schools which anybody can go to for free 'state' schools - because they are funded by the government.
There are also some boarding state schools.
Information on this website
I do not know if they would accept a pupil for a short time, or if they would have space but it is worth asking as it would be the cheapest option.

There is a lovely one in Kent (between London and Dover) in a village called Cranbrook.

Good luck.

SecondhandRose Tue 16-Nov-10 14:43:26

Take a look at Hockerill College. It is a state boarding school and they are currently looking for international boarders. They have quite a lot of German students. Fees are around 12,000 pounds per year for full time boarding. It is in Bishops Stortford, Herts. Close to

daxie Fri 19-Nov-10 20:46:51

hello everybody, it´s so wonderful that i can read here some good information about my daughter`s adventure in your country!! thank you very much .
Now, we have to study all these links!
Greenwing, i think it is not really to learn english, more it is to live in another country, maybe also it is nice without her parents and more it is the time without a " lovely" elderly brother ;-).
Also i hope , i can make alittle trip to england, where i stayed with my school (centurys away!!) and also i love to visit london again which we made two years ago- where my daughter fell in love with england.
however, if somebody has a new idea for us, please give us an advice-THANX.
by from germany-cold and rainy!!

SecondhandRose Sat 20-Nov-10 09:36:50

Hello daxie, Hockerill Language College! Take a look, they have many German students and it is close to London.

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