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Daft hair styles and makeup slapped on with a spade!

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EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Nov-10 08:34:20

Why? why do they do it?

what can I do to stop it?

I wouldn't mind her dying it pink or black or wearing massive amounts of eyeliner but i can't bear the ridiculous head held on one side to support the daft swept over the head, parting look. and as for the inch of foundation ugh! it's just such a bad horrible look.

MissAnneElk Wed 10-Nov-10 08:49:37

Well she'll get bored with the haircut and move on to the next style soon, so on that I think you just have to grin and bear it.
I'd find the make up more annoying though. Have you taken her into a department store or even Boots to have her make up done so that she can see how good a more natural look can be? Obviously you could show her yourself but as her mother you know nothing, so that won't work wink.

TrillianAstra Wed 10-Nov-10 08:50:45

Because it is important to look back on yourself aged 15 and think that you looked ridiculous. Rite of passage and all that.

cyb Wed 10-Nov-10 09:06:33

I think unless your teeanger smells, or has things living in their hair, no comment should be made about their appearance.

My mother never did it to me (one of the view things she didnt give her opinion on, but that's another story) and I have appreciated it to this day.

Dracschick Wed 10-Nov-10 09:11:51

And this is why at least 3 nights a week I have loads of teenage girls in my house .....because their mums cannot bear the look of them so they say 'go to nickschick she will sort you out' I tell you what I could be on bloody boots 17 commision.

ZZZenAgain Wed 10-Nov-10 09:15:46

could she get her make-up done professionally once and actually get taught how to put it on? I don't know how much that would cost. I would also get her a make-up sponge, you end up with a lot less foundation that way.

I saw two young girls out on the town on Friday night (them heading out as I was on my way home) and they were lovely but holy moley the make-up!

I wanted to tell them at that age their natural skin is so lovely and fresh looking, they'd look fantastic with just a bit of mascara and blusher but you cannot do it when you're not their mum. And then skin-tight tube skirts that wriggled up when they sat down and shoes so high they could not walk.

Sweet but somehow too vulnerable looking.

RosieGirl Wed 10-Nov-10 16:42:07

Eccentrica - I have only just stopped laughing. The comb-over absolutely kills me, I point them out to my daughter on a regular basis, usually poking her saying she is only a few centimetres short of her own grin. Who thought that old men could be fashionable, my dad could be considered trendy blush (probably a really old-fashioned word).

stillbobbysgirl Wed 10-Nov-10 16:50:21

It does seem to be the fashion now to wear the old foundation REALLY THICK for some reason - it looks really weird.

I keep seeing really young pretty girls in town with so much slap on that they actually look about 50. This, along with the comb-over hairstyle and the one disabled arm from holding it up at right angles to body to carry silly handbag, they do look daft!

About as stupid as I looked at 15 with my Toyah Wilcox hair and huge greatcoat from Kensington Market that dragged on the floor - I thought I was lovley!

DustDustDust Wed 10-Nov-10 18:14:56

I agree. The combover 'fringe' hairstyle is only okay if, for instance they're bald on one side of their head.hmm
And IMO, you shouldn't be able to tell someone is wearing foundation if their makeup is good. It shouldn't actually have any thickness to it at all. Just looks ridiculous.

dexter73 Wed 10-Nov-10 18:49:54

Eccentrica - I think our daughters may have been separated at birth!

pointydog Wed 10-Nov-10 18:55:43

The foundation thing just looks daft. I would protect my dd and offer to buy her a good foundation and get a beautician to show her how to put it on so she didn't look like a tit.

TheHeathenOfSuburbia Wed 10-Nov-10 19:10:07

Oh, come on now, what hairstyle were you wearing in the late 80's/early 90's? grin

Poodle perm maybe? Big Hair with half a can of hairspray?

<runs off to burn photos>

toomanytimes Wed 10-Nov-10 20:40:56

I hate to break it to you, but we are still there with the daft hairstyles and as much slap as you can imagine. We have done the whole pay for a professional to show her how to put make up on, it hasn't worked, go through a bottle of foundation every 2 weeks, hair is dyed approximately every couple of weeks and a panda would be proud of the amount of black around the eyes. DD is 14 and has grown out of the whole hair on the side job, we are now onto hair extensions. I give up making comments, as it goes in one ear and out of the other.

sweetkitty Wed 10-Nov-10 20:48:10

My Bruce has the while lot, the comb over, the foundation trowled on and about 10 shades darker than the rest of her well it would be if she didn't have a tonne of fake tan on complete with orange stained hands. Oh and extensions at £200 odds a pop.

sweetkitty Wed 10-Nov-10 20:48:50

My Bruce WTF I meant niece blooming iphone

ShirleyKnot Wed 10-Nov-10 20:51:42

lol @ My Bruce.


toomanytimes Wed 10-Nov-10 21:00:24

Oh I know, also have tonnes of fake tan and stains on all the sheets not to mention my doors and walls which I am constantly wiping down. Amazes me that they think that they actually look good. Mind you went into town the other day, 2 teenagers were walking through, (should be in school) looking the same as DD, lads shouted out how old they were, when they said 13, they shouted back too young for us, thought you were 15. So it makes me wonder whether all this is to look a lot older.

notquitenormal Wed 10-Nov-10 21:04:36

My brother's girlfreind looks like a raggy doll. All mad hair and big eyes.

He's no better.

They share straightners hmm

I think it's the duty of all teenamger to look like a pillock. I know I did at that age (all mini-dresses, stripey tights and clunky boots.)

IHeartKingThistle Wed 10-Nov-10 21:17:56

Eccentrica your DD sounds like all the girls in my Year 11 class. I wonder if she IS in my Year 11 class?!

Does she also wear foundation on her LIPS? And put it on in class? angry And wear fake eyelashes to school?

All their exercise books are covered with foundation smudges - eurgh.

They all seem to cry all the time as well, over boys. In class. Great big mascara tears carving tracks through their foundation.

Bless them for being 15. hmm

EccentricaGallumbits Wed 10-Nov-10 21:23:47

actually she's just been asked to apply to be head girl next year so i think i'll stop worrying baout the daft hair/make up. grin

i love the sound of your class IHeart. in fact I do love teenagers generally with their interesting developing ideas. just a bit hard to cope with when my own appears looking ridiculous in the morning,.

IHeartKingThistle Wed 10-Nov-10 21:44:09

Sorry, I didn't mean to make assumptions about your DD, honestly! Just got carried away sharing the weirdness of my class grin

I do often look at my DD (3) and wonder what god-awful look she's going to go for when she hits her teens. It's terrifying...

Congrats on Head Girl by the way!

ShirleyKnot Wed 10-Nov-10 22:03:30

Oh yeah and my 13 year old son straightens his beautiful curly hair every morning and goes out of the house looking like a twerp.

nottirednow Wed 10-Nov-10 22:22:18

Message withdrawn

Dracschick Wed 10-Nov-10 22:22:56

We used to wear white lipstick shock and we backcombed our hair and wore black eyeliner and short skirts......thought we looked good too.

RosieGirl Thu 11-Nov-10 08:21:33

What's really funny is that when I showed my DD this thread, I laughed because I still have a very few photos of me with a brilliant poodle perm and fingerless neon gloves (although they have been back and gone again). I said "oh well it will give you something to look back on and laugh" and she said, "nothing would look as ridiculous as your hair (when I was a teenager)", of course she thinks her hair will break the barriers and always be "in". grin

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