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Judge me! You'll Love this VERY MN convo i had with dd (17)

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Tortington Mon 08-Nov-10 23:07:36

dd comes in about half hour ago, flops on my bed ( where i currently am with the laptop) lies next to me and says

"i'm not well"

me: "what's up with ya?"

"i feel dizzy"

"have you been drinking?"

"taking drugs?"


"why not?" grin

"seriously mother i'm ill"

" you could have one or a combination of 4 things, you need to eat something, you need to wear your glasses, you need to get your ears tested and get some new hearing aids and actually wear them or it's your blood pressure and you should see the doctor"

dd groans that she needs to go to college and can't go to doctors blah de blah

"well just stick some toast on and wear your pissin' glasses fgs"

dd gets up...goes over to dh..."daddy, i only wanted a hug"

dh obviously being the better parent. I gave her solutions, random moaning simply won't do.


sleepycat Mon 08-Nov-10 23:09:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

FairyLightsForever Tue 09-Nov-10 00:01:22

I especially like

"taking drugs?"


"why not?"grin

DancingIceDragons Tue 09-Nov-10 00:09:16

fabulous. grin

booyhoo Tue 09-Nov-10 00:11:12

class, that is the type of mum i hope to be.

mumblechum Tue 09-Nov-10 11:56:27

DS always moans that when he has a prob/is ill, I come up with possible solutions.

Apparently that's not what he wants, he djust wants me to give him sympathy.

Sounds like we have similar parenting style, Custy.

EccentricaGallumbits Tue 09-Nov-10 18:12:45

i always do the

'never mind dear. it'll either egt better or turn into something serious. carry on'

my children hate me because i am always right.

Tortington Tue 09-Nov-10 20:09:19


i've had no complaints today

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