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wearing glasses

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kizzy23 Thu 04-Nov-10 18:08:03

My lovelybright daughter has just got some glasses, she had an eye test and was very upset to find she is short sighted, she picked a nice pair of frames , but still seems really upset and wont talk to me about it, I am worried she will lose her self confidence, she is in year 9, she is 12,
I know I am getting it out of perspective but i feel really axious about all of it, school and her friens etc, I do not have anyone to talk to about it really,
best wishes

MentalFloss Thu 04-Nov-10 18:18:40

How is she in year 9 if she is 12?

It is probably just that she is worried about how she will look.

I am sure she won't be the only one wearing glasses

scurryfunge Thu 04-Nov-10 18:20:32

Get her to save up for a designer pair - make them a fashion accessory as well as functional.

My DS wore contacts from the age of 11 -that could be a consideration.

megonthemoon Thu 04-Nov-10 18:23:15

TBH you sound a bit ridiculous saying 'I feel really anxious' and 'I do not have anyone to talk to about it really' It's just glasses, not a SN diagnosis or serious illness! If you feel like this, it's no wonder she is upset - she probably thinks you think it is a terrible affliction!

Loads of people need or wear glasses, including many teenagers.

You need to get over it before you can expect your DD to feel comfortable.

I speak as someone who had to wear glasses from age 11. Only ever bothered me occasionally and much less so than whether I was thin enough or whether I would do well in school exams etc. Nobody ever teased me for it and there were plenty of boys who wanted to snog me! If my parents had seemed anxious or worried about it then of course I would have been far more stressed out.

Igglybuff Thu 04-Nov-10 18:23:47

I got glasses at 11 - horrid NHS specs. Once I got decent frames I felt better. TBH though I didn't get teased much about it - more that I was worried about it.

scurryfunge Thu 04-Nov-10 18:26:15

My DS and his pals are going through a preppy phase at the moment so prefers his glasses to the contacts.

kizzy23 Thu 04-Nov-10 18:29:16

Thanks for your kind thoughts,..

kizzy23 Thu 04-Nov-10 18:29:59

yeah, she is in year 8

WhyIsThatThen Fri 05-Nov-10 19:16:21

My DD, age 11 and Yr7 has worn glasses for 4 years. She is now very very short sighted for her age and has to wear bifoocals. Her prescription is about sph -3.75, cyl -1.75 in each eye (you can compare). I can, hand on heart, say that she loves her glasses. I always allow her to choose and she enjoys them. She has never had any bullying or name calling, despite her complicated prescription.

Make it a positive experience for your DD and relax a bit or you will make her anxious about them and she won't wear them.

Also, despite what folk might tell you wearing your glasses does not make your eyes get worse!!!

toomanytimes Sat 06-Nov-10 19:58:11

My DD has worn glasses for many years now and she is 14. It has not bothered her and she is very fashion concious. She also has a lots of interest from boys so, it would appear not to both them either. Bought DD has a designer pair last year, (on offer from vision express) she also request some new ones from specs savers few months back as they are cheap and 2 pairs for the price of 1 so she can have a choice. Her eyesight is pretty bad so the lenses have to be thinned out, but she still manages to look good. Tell her not to worry and they can make you look very grown up and intelligent. I would not consider DD having contacts at the moment because she is not very good with the whole hygiene make up thing, she cakes her mascara on, slaps the foundation, does not wash her hands after applying so make up on walls etc. so do not want to risk eye infections, but that it my DD. My DN has been wearing contacts for the last year or so and she is 11, but she does need to give her eyes a rest 1 day a week.

agilpro Tue 04-Nov-14 03:56:03

Her first day wearing them at school will be the longest day in her life wearing glasses, but each day after will be easier and within a couple weeks she won't think anything of them. Yours and her fears are probably way over blown as to what will actually happen when she wears her glasses. People are going to comment on them, but they will be compliments and nobody will say anything bad about them. So many people wear glasses today, she will be just another face in the crowd.

I went through the same thing years ago and I was very self conscious about being seen wearing glasses and I thought people would make fun of me and tease me, but all I got was compliments on how good my glasses looked on me and within a couple days nobody cared that I was now wearing glasses.

Furball Tue 04-Nov-14 04:06:14

agilpro - this thread is 4 years old smile

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