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Can anyone suggest a really interesting book for a 13yr old girl which tells them things about teenage relationships etc???

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cutekids Mon 01-Nov-10 17:05:21

I am very open with all my kids on things like this but I still think it would be good for her to have a type of "reference" to things that maybe she doesn't yet feel comfortable with.My friend-years ago-was given a book on "all things female" and I wondered if there was anything up-to-date on the market these days similar to this.
(she is 12 and is seeing a 13 year old boy so it would be especially good for her).Anyone have any ideas?

cutekids Mon 01-Nov-10 17:17:13

would i be better on the book-club thingy?....Just wasn't sure which heading to go under on there.

lisad123isgoingcrazy Mon 01-Nov-10 17:20:08

i remember loving the book judy blume "forever" but had a few sex references in it blush

Coca Mon 01-Nov-10 17:22:10

Deenie by Judy Blume

Coca Mon 01-Nov-10 17:26:19

Lets talk about sex £6.37 from Amazon

MiraArte Mon 01-Nov-10 17:29:27

Message withdrawn

cutekids Mon 01-Nov-10 17:42:21

lisad....I remember Forever too lol! It was the very first library book I picked up in my secondary school and I had to review it afterwards....ended up being the most popular book in the school he he he!!!

cutekids Mon 01-Nov-10 17:44:42

i would deffo want something that's humourous and "easy"....I can't get her to read at the best of times .... Don't want something boring that goes on and on...just something that's simple to pick up and put down again.

EccentricaGallumbits Mon 01-Nov-10 17:46:26

learnt all i know from jackie collins.

posey Mon 01-Nov-10 17:51:34

MiraArte - same recommendation from me!

Here's a link 185/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1288633636&sr=8-1

Dd has had it for a year or so and it is very well read. I know she dips in and out according to what she wants to know (certain things she wouldn't want to ask me)
I would definitely recommend it.

RosieGirl Fri 05-Nov-10 13:05:31

Posey, can I ask how old your daughter is? I have a 13/14 yo is it suitable?

posey Fri 05-Nov-10 18:59:17

She's 13, Year 9.
We have a very open and easy relationship but there are some things she obviously just likes to look at in a book.I'm not really sure what she refers to most in there, that's up to her. I'm definitely of the opinion that if she's old enough to ask the question, whether to me or the book, she's old enough to get a proper answer.
Her copy is often out and well thumbed. I certainly recommend it.

maryz Fri 05-Nov-10 21:48:50

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

EmmaCate Fri 12-Nov-10 09:15:29

Not specifically about relationships and also written from boy's perspective but I found Diary of a Teenage Health Freak (Macfarlane & McPherson) good at that age. It's a good all-rounder covering loads of teenage issues.

If she's in a relationship it will help as there's a whole chapter on STDs and his sister thinks she might be pregnant towards the end of the book so 'dangerous side effects' of relationships are at least brought up!

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