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My wordpress isn't showing on goggle but I've made it public, and it's been a few months. Can anyone help?

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MyBlog Fri 28-Jun-19 20:57:39

I've asked other users who say their Wordpress shows up fine but for some reason mine doesn't. I update at least once a week if not twice, and have done since April.

I checked all privacy settings are set to public and I don't know what else to do. Can anyone help?

Norrisskipjack Mon 01-Jul-19 06:28:11

Yep agreed.

Internal linking may be a good start too, so OP Make sure when you’re referencing something else on your own blog, you hyperlink to that content and equally, when you read something useful from someone else’s content, link to it. It again helps google crawl your site successfully and helps your site seem like part of the overall landscape, not just existing in isolation.

Also slightly more troubling question and don’t feel you need to answer, sorry if this offends, it’s meant with kindness: have you thought about why you want others to read your thoughts about something as deeply personal as psychotherapy? I get that you want to help other people and that’s lovely, but you need to be focusing on helping yourself. Journaling is great and a blog is a fantastic way to do that, but you seem focused on the public aspect of it rather than the personal. I’d examine whether you’d still want to write your blog if no one ever read it and if the answer to that is no (not suggesting for a second that it would be), then it may not be as helpful tonyou as you’d hoped.

Again apologies if that offends, it’s not meant to flowers

MyBlog Mon 01-Jul-19 17:56:33

Not at all! No offence taken just as I'm sure there is none to take.

I've been keeping a journal online for about 12 years but haven't been in psychotherapy all that time. So I opened a second journal to keep them separate, and will continue to keep it whether or not it goes public.

It probably wouldn't help anyone anyway, it's just that I've found other people's experiences help when they reflect my own, and thought it's no skin off my nose to be able to do the same. But like i say, making it public is fairly recent and it's more that I thought it would be simple to do and decided to look into why I've come across the problems I have. A bit like a dog with a bone once I got started!

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