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Huawei vs iPhone

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Nameusernameuser Mon 13-May-19 09:25:31

I've currently got 14000 photos on my huwaui p20 pro, camera is ace but I mainly got it for battery life. It's really quick and never crashes, I changed from an iPhone 7. I find it easy to use and it does loads too. DP went from an iPhone to a Samsung and I don't think either of us would go back now.

JemSynergy Mon 13-May-19 09:18:50

My friend switched from iPhone to Huawei recently and the camera is really good especially night vision. Overall, she really likes the phone and says she won't be going back to an iPhone. I have always had Samsung because I have always liked the camera quality better and I have always liked to be able to use a micro sd card for more storage for photos etc. My children have iPhones and I much prefer Android.

Hiphopopotamous Mon 13-May-19 09:08:21

And quite frankly, if China want to spy on me to see me browsing cat videos on Facebook or googling weird medical conditions then they can crack on for all I care.

🤣 this sums up why I'm not really bothered about which company makes the phone, I just want nice pictures of my kids and enough storage so I don't have to keep deleting them!
DH is an iPhone loyalist and rest of family all have Samsungs so don't have any I can test out.
Can anyone advise whether the extra features of the "pro" or upgrading to eg p30 actually makes much difference?

NeverSayFreelance Mon 13-May-19 08:54:00

DP has had iPhones for years but changed to a Huawei P30 last month and he loves it. Says it's much better than an iPhone. Tbh the phone is getting more attention than I am these days hmm hahaha!

zenasfuck Mon 13-May-19 08:14:52

Ps, your rant isn't even coherent.

Buying a Chinese phone is not to blame for brexit 😂

zenasfuck Mon 13-May-19 08:13:28

OK so no plastic. What about foil for your tin hat????

There is no proof that Huawei are spying, the accusation by the American and UK governments are unsubstantiated. And I wouldn't trust the UK and US governments either.

And quite frankly, if China want to spy on me to see me browsing cat videos on Facebook or googling weird medical conditions then they can crack on for all I care.

soworriedforhim Sun 12-May-19 23:46:51

No one replies.

Think long and hard where you spend your cash.

Think long and hard about that plastic wrapped pack of apples you buy shipped from Spain, whilst sharing on FB about how awful it is these poor turtles are drowning in plastic, and our world is dying ...

Posts about which Chinese phone to buy 😂

soworriedforhim Sun 12-May-19 23:25:07

@zenasfuck the Chinese have everything you ever type and view logged.

What the fuck is wrong with people in the UK? But whatever blindly no mater what the reprocussions are.

Buy British, don’t buy plastic wrapped fruit and veg, don’t buy non British if you can etc etc etc

Look at the shit you buy and consume you blind sheep! Ooh shall I buy this Chinese shit or this other Chinese shit, then should I moan about brexit and the economy? Oh whilst I’m at it, let me order all my xmas gifts from amazon (who pay no major UK taxes) 🤦🏻‍♀️

MaryBoBary Sun 12-May-19 23:23:38

I've had an iPhone for about 8/9 years and just last week changed to Huawei. I really like it, much cheaper, better camera and easy to use.

zenasfuck Sun 12-May-19 23:17:58

I am a huge apple fan, I've had nearly every iPhone model ever made, ipads, mac books etc

However, have recently changed to the Huawei p30 Pro and am very happy. Really easy to use, not too dissimilar to the iPhone, very user friendly and the camera is phenomenal

soworriedforhim Sun 12-May-19 23:09:43

Ha @RuggyPeg quite! I didn’t stick up for apple, I said ‘do any of you care about the shit you buy’. Perhaps read my messages back love.

RumpledOfTheBailey Sun 12-May-19 23:04:55

Stick with an iPhone is my advice

RuggyPeg Sun 12-May-19 23:02:59

Whereas Apple have an exemplary record with their employees......

SpoonBlender Sun 12-May-19 23:01:22

Get the SE's dying battery replaced, Hiphop. Job done. Probably £20.

soworriedforhim Sun 12-May-19 23:00:05

Don’t any of your care about the shit you buy?

Linked to the Chinese government spying on Westerners.
Well publisized photos of low paid employees on super shifts sleeping under desks.

Oh well it’s a nice phone hey 🤦🏻‍♀️

Aspieteach Sun 12-May-19 22:54:16

I have a Huawei honor 10 and love it.

Chopinaround Sun 12-May-19 22:52:41

My friend has just got a Huawei and compared with my IPhone it seemed so hard to get my head round. I was fine immediately with my iPhone but I was trying to work out what was where on her Huawei and just basic things seemed really unuser friendly on it in comparison . She’s not getting to grips with it either.

soworriedforhim Sun 12-May-19 22:50:24

Don’t get a Huawei, likely a security threat. Whisperings of that anyhow.

Probably like my Samsung teles that won’t turn off and are voice activated.

orangeicecream Sun 12-May-19 22:49:53

I went from an iPhone 7 to a huawei.... Its great. I can still do all my usual FB, ebay etc and the camera is ace.

Aimily Sun 12-May-19 22:45:22

I went from a Samsung S8 to the P9 and have just upgraded to the P30.

I really like it, it's easy to use, takes great pictures (is a bit big for my girly hands) can't complain about aps as all I do is the same as you, plus I have a couple of puzzle games.

I went iPhone to Samsung and hated the Samsung, but I'd never got on with the iPhone either, so had my boyfriends P9 when he upgraded and loved it, so probably won't be turning back from this one.

I have to admit talking to the guy in EE, he was pretty adamant that apart from the IoS and Android systems there isn't much in phones these days (he was trying to get me to get the new Samsung through bias) the thing that swayed me to the P30 from the P20 which dp has, was the back cover of the P30 (I went for the pearlescent white) standard me there.

My dad on the other hand went from iPhone to Huawei and hates it, he finds the phone really unuserfriendly and had general distain for it, he said he will be returning to apple as soon as his renewal is up...

Do you know anyone in RL that has one you can have a play with?

BoldComicSans Sun 12-May-19 22:37:20

I had the SE and upgraded to the P10. I'd never go back. It was a bit of a shock getting used to android to begin with but now I love it.
Many apps that you pay for on iPhone are free on android. The camera is amazing.
Size is massively different but I've gotten used to that.

It's much more adaptable in that you can personalise your phone much more than with an iPhone. I assumed I would miss imessage, but found what's app works just the same.

If you have any particular questions about the huawei I'd be happy to answer from my perspective.

Hiphopopotamous Sun 12-May-19 22:33:20

iPhone SE on its last legs, need to replace in next few weeks (turning itself off despite having battery, same issue with last old iPhone)

Friend has a Huawei which takes much better photos than my phone but I'm resistant to change and have never had an android.

Use whatsapp for messages, few apps (Facebook etc) and photos, not into games.
Anyone care to weigh in on new iPhone vs getting eg a huawei p20?

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