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Corrupted files help!

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SparklySneakers Tue 05-Mar-19 12:48:27

I don't know how it happened but when I tried to open a note pad file it's changed all the files in that folder to notepad instead of word and it's all gobbledegook. How do I fix it??
Windows 8 I think as hasn't managed to update to 10 yet.

Fere Tue 05-Mar-19 12:54:12

Can you please create folder - for instance on your desktop, then take a copy of one of your files and put it into that new folder. Once file is in that folder right click, rename it so that is has extension .txt . For example - myfile.doc becomes myfile.txt
Then try to open it with your text editor.
Let me know how it goes.

SparklySneakers Tue 05-Mar-19 13:06:04

Thank you for replying. How do I open it with the text editor? It only gives me the option of chrome notepad or chose/search

SparklySneakers Tue 05-Mar-19 13:07:35

Hurrah!! I've sorted it thank you! I think I love you! It had saved them to note pad instead of word pad. Phew!

Fere Tue 05-Mar-19 15:08:47

each file can be opened with any type of text editor, by default notepad can only read certain types/extensions

it is always safer to copy your file to another location when you try to modify it that way in case something goes wrong

you can open your favourite text editor and use Open file option
left click mouse on the highlighted file and choose your editor

try to do it that way ^^ and you will be more confident using different text editors depending on the computer you are using

I am glad I was of some help!

Fere Tue 05-Mar-19 15:11:37

each file can be opened with any type of text editor

I meant each text file can be opened with any text editor

text file is a file with extension .txt

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