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iPhone not recognising contacts

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Alabasterangel6 Sat 23-Feb-19 15:17:04

DH has an iPhone 6, up to date with IOS 12.1.4.

All his contacts have changed format. Instead of being:

02071234567 they appear in international format like:
020 712 345 67 with gaps which were not there before.
If you dial a contact it says ‘you are dialling an incorrect number’. If the saved contact calls him, it comes up as the correct format of number but not the contact name. So ‘Jane’ saved previously as 0207 123 4567 now appears as ‘020 712 345 67’ and the location ‘London, England’ but no name.

It’s like the phone thinks it’s overseas?

I’ve checked region settings are UK, dial assist is off, I’ve tried switching that on with no difference too. I’m not sure what else to check?!

Can anyone help please? Thanks.

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