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Adding an echo dot to the house

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Borris Sat 26-Jan-19 18:02:41

We already have a full size Alexa.

My daughter would like to spend her birthday money on a dot for her room.

If I don’t need the 2 devices to play separate music can I stay on the basic Amazon Music package or do I have to upgrade with 2 devices regardless of how we use them?

springhappy Sun 27-Jan-19 12:33:32

We have Spotify premium and the amazon prime, you can link the devices to play the same music through both at the same time or just use music selection on one at one time.
My daughter has a dot in her room and we use it mainly for lullabies, this takes the music away from DH if he's listening to music in the kitchen but the setup is fine for us smile we just normally take the music to the room we are in or play throughout the devices.

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