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Sick of sky. Alternatives?

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domton Mon 31-Dec-18 17:09:12

Hi all. I'm tired of paying sky a fortune, and am definitely going to cancel it in the next month, regardless.

I am looking at other options like Amazon and 'NOW.' I will obviously look into it more, But I thought I'd do a quick check here, to see if anyone had glowing praise or dire warnings before I start?


FissionChips Mon 31-Dec-18 21:45:14

Now tv is the main sky channels but, if you cancel every couple of months then they offer it at a reduced price.
Amazon has some great shows such as Outlander, Vikings .
Netflix has a wide selection of films and tv shows, been a little crappy lately though.
Heyu has reality shows straight from the USA.
CrunchyRoll if you’re into anime.

Non of them are dire, they all go through periods of having great content added then not so great content.

You can cancel all of them at any time.

I’d say try out the free trials, see which one/ couple you prefer.

domton Thu 03-Jan-19 03:32:03

Thank you. See, I knew someone would know, I haven't heard of half of those. A good start. Thanks very much.

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