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princesstiasmum Sat 15-Dec-18 20:08:59

Iwant to change some details on my profile, i have forgotten my password, ans cant add a new one, as i need old password to change it help please

princesstiasmum Sun 16-Dec-18 20:08:44


ELI5 Thu 20-Dec-18 14:23:31

I am guessing you are talking about your mumsnet password.

If so, you can go to the password reset section

From there, you should be able to have mumsnet send you an email where you can enter a new password.

princesstiasmum Sat 22-Dec-18 22:47:54

ELI5 thank you,only just seen your post,will try that,i couldnt find anywhere to reset it, except where it said put in old password which i obviously cant remember

princesstiasmum Sat 22-Dec-18 23:27:48

After 4 attempts managed to change password thank you

carolinacutt Sat 05-Jan-19 09:33:05

Have you considered using a password manager? Then you won't need to remember your passwords and it's secure

princessTiasmum Sat 05-Jan-19 10:23:48

Hi ,Thank you got it sorted, i have though about this, but would need to remember or change all passwords again to do it wouldnt i, as most are now automatically logged in?

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