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Google maps voice navigation not working on iPhone :(

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LightningOne Sun 18-Nov-18 14:14:53

Was working initially when out for a drive but I tried to increase the volume and somehow, it's gone completely silent. Next to the speaker icon on the google maps interface it says 'iPhone volume low' with the speaker icon striked out. I've tried clicking on it to somehow increase it but doesn't work. I've also checked the phone volume (which is fine - sound works on all other apps). I've tried putting it on/off silent, have tried restarting the app, restarting the phone and even uninstalling and re-installing the google maps app. I tried going into the app settings etc. but could not see anything obvious that could have muted it suddenly.

None of this has helped sad couldn't find help online either.

Any help much appreciated

JuniperBeer Sun 18-Nov-18 14:18:25

Is your phone clipped into a holder? Is the holder pressing on the down volume button?

LightningOne Sun 18-Nov-18 15:39:28

Thanks for the reply - I do use a holder but I did consider this and generally avoided having it press the side buttons on the phone and anyway, even after taking it off the holder, the volume is still muted (but only on the google maps app)

usernamenamename Sun 18-Nov-18 15:42:35

Mine hasn't been working for ages on iPhone 7. Don't know how to fix it 😖

JuniperBeer Tue 20-Nov-18 22:22:50

If you type:

iphone volume low message google maps

Into google, some instructions come up on how to change settings- have you tried this? Can’t link

trashcansinatra Tue 20-Nov-18 22:28:03

Sometimes if your phone is connected to your car Bluetooth then google voice alerts go there, which you won't hear if you are tunes to radio not 'media'

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