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Changing web browser.

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Paperdolly Mon 30-Apr-18 13:01:25

I seem to have Bling as my web browser but am getting ' is not responding'. After 3 hours of retrying how can I change my web browser? Aaaagh!!! Important work to do!

MissConductUS Mon 30-Apr-18 14:20:13

Download Chrome and use it instead: is not a web browser, it's a search site, like Google, owned by Microsoft. You're probably using Internet Explorer, which is Microsoft's web browser and a disaster compared to Chrome or Firefox.

Paperdolly Wed 02-May-18 20:10:50

Thank you for your kind reply. Sorted by doing what you advised. X

MissConductUS Wed 02-May-18 20:56:19

Great, glad to be of help. smile

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