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Sync iCal on iPhone to MacBook Pro using iCloud - help!

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DeviceVice Mon 18-Dec-17 23:46:49

DH and I have different Apple ID.

We both have iPhone.

We used to sync our iCal using iTunes but although that still works between iPhone 1 (his) and iPhone 2 (mine), it doesn't do anything to the calendar on the MacBook Pro. But it used to so I'm confused.

I decided to just use iCloud but ran into problems as his phone has a different Apple ID to mine.

Does anyone know if I could use my iCloud ID to sync from my iPhone 2 to the MacBook Pro, and then use DH's iPhone 1 to sync using iTunes the old way.

Does anyone know if that would work? I've spent all evening trying so many ideas and I've ended up with duplicate events for years. It's been a nightmare to painstakingly delete the lot, and I'd rather talk to some one in the know before I click a button and have to sort it out manually like that again!

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