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Can someone please help me choose an keyboard case - and do you know where I can go to see them in person first?

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DeviceVice Wed 15-Nov-17 19:26:49

It’s for iPad Pro. It’s a toss-up between 9.7 with Logitech create (all in one) and a 10.5 with Logitech slim combo (can easily split in two).

The pros and cons, looking at YouTube reviews are:

Logitech create
Good for protection as it’s all-in-one and can’t fall out easily
Problem is it can’t be divided as an iPad alone and you can only fold back the keyboard if you want to use just the iPad. When it’s folded t can press against the screen and ruin it, apparently.
Easier to balance on knees
Only has one position, unless its folded flat.

Logitech slim combo
Not as protected because it can fall out of the case, although keyboard cannot press into the screen and damage it because it has rubber protectors on the side preventing this.
Can detach keyboard making it a stand-alone iPad.
Kickback can provide multi-levels to place the iPad on for a variety of uses, though is slightly harder to balance on the knees apparently.

My problem is I want to see them in RL to actually touch them and see. Currys only had the apple version, which was pretty horrendous - I hated the feel of the keys as they were harsh, grainy, and almost sticky. I like smooth typing.

I will use it for a variety of stuff, some watching tv, streaming music, mumsnetting, typing emails (and documents occasionally), blogging. It’s hard to know how much will be on a hard surface and how much will be on my lap.

So.... Can anyone tell me what they’ve experienced and or where I can go to actually have a feel of them for myself?

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