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Comments and Adsense

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Parent2work Fri 08-Sep-17 10:06:42

Posted this on Bloggers' Chat, but then realised that this was the better location.

I have a fairly new WordPress blog - have just joined the Bloggers' Network.

How do I know which comments to approve or not? I am obviously deleting any that are pure gibberish or have the word 'porn' in the address, but there are some that seem quite reasonable comments but the email address is something weird like 'Buy Instagram Followers' or 'Top 10 lawnmowers' grin.

Any tips would be great. Also, how do I get AdSense please?

DrCoral Mon 18-Sep-17 21:00:52

I'm also trying to fathom out where blogs appear on Mumsnet. What are your experiences of starting out as a Mumsnet Blogger?
Did you find out how to get Adsense?

Abijam Mon 02-Oct-17 19:26:01

Basically you need to have High-Quality Content on your blog. The about us, privacy policy and contact us pages needs to be created. Excessive keywords or poorly coded design are usually rejected. Illegal, Pornography, Pirated Content are rejected too. So before applying for Google Adsense make sure your blog is perfect.

zanuda Wed 29-Nov-17 09:10:40

Parent2work, not so long ago I answered the question about comments in bloggers chat section (maybe it was even yours smile ). Anyway, if you have funny e.mai or link to strange like forum profile, with "buy followers", "get your site on the top in SERP", - you've got the idea - and the comment itself is very general and could be put on any page of any website ("I like your page "name substituted automatically", great content, keep writing"), it's a spam. Delete it. At some point you'll see the same comment repeated. It's spam. It's all done by bots, kind of automatically run programs.

If you're selfhosted, there are plenty plugins to stop the spam. If you'r on - I don't know, but they should have something. Spam is such a big problem...

As for AdSense, applying is very easy. But you should have good running blog with no "under construction" pages. I'm not sure if they really look into having T&C and privacy pages for personal blogs. Contacts as well - you have comments running. But it would not hurt to have all those. Cookies plugins are common thing now, but again, I see a lot of blogs without them. The main thing is having posts at some regular intervals, interesting content (add some personality, your own opinions, then it doesn't matter that a lot of other people write about the same stuff), it's a plus to have an active audience.

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