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Help with Baby Bundle App!

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PatchworkPig Wed 12-Jul-17 12:25:08

First time mum and I've been using the Baby Bundle app for a while, and absolutely love it! Although now I tend not to record the wet nappies, just the dirty ones!wink
Getting ready to go back to work, I thought about upgrading to the premium so my Mum is able to log DD's info while she has her for me. So, I did. Only I can't seem to get the family sharing to work! She's accepted the e-mail request, downloaded the app onto her iPad, and that's where we get stuck! Logging in with my e-mail address and password the app thinks it's me!
Does anyone know how we do this? I've been waiting a week for the support e-mail I sent to be answered!
At the moment I'm paying a monthly fee for being able to track her weight, which is in her little red book anyway!
Dislike paying for the service when I can't use it! angry

ReenieReens Mon 08-Jan-18 20:42:11

Did you get a response to this PatchworkPig??
I've just tried to log into Baby Bundle & cant! The app has disappeared from App Store!
MN is there anyway of getting my data please? I'd quite like the momento of my babies first year!

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