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Amazon fire for kids... JESUS!!!!

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maisybobbins Wed 28-Dec-16 19:48:01

Christ I'm at the end of my rope here.

Bought DD an Amazon fire for Christmas. Signed up for kids unlimited free trial. All good so far.

But I can't access any content. Driving me up the wall!!! When I go into her profile and try to add content only a few previous purchases come up. Supposed to be the thousands of free apps and books available with kids unlimited right?

We are connected to wifi and her profile is listed as kids unlimited. So how on earth do I find all these free apps? Please for the love of god help me!!!!

SisterViktorine Wed 28-Dec-16 19:51:19

It will store very few apps. Did you get an extra memory card for it?

DS has about 10 apps on his and now it's one in one out. These days he mainly uses it for watching youtube and occasionally playing minecraft.

PuntCuffin Wed 28-Dec-16 19:51:52

No idea! Gave in and downloaded the Google Play store instead!
Or to be precise, DH did.

maisybobbins Wed 28-Dec-16 22:27:18

Oh dear no I didn't get extra memory. Managed to download a couple of books and two apps but can't believe how unfriendly a device it is! Thanks for the replies smile

PuntCuffin Thu 29-Dec-16 09:08:32

It isn't too late to get extra memory, you just need a micro SD card. We bought one and then DH 'stole' it for his GoPro. I'll get another when I get round to it!

maisybobbins Thu 29-Dec-16 23:52:32

Thanks punt memory card now on shopping list smile

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