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Have any of developed an app?

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2nds Tue 28-Jun-16 12:17:09

Have you developed an app or had an app developed? Can you talk about your experience a little bit, was the app successful?

I'm embarking on developing an app and I don't know much about the processes. I'm a complete novice, however I know exactly what I want my app to do, I've no idea how to do it. I've been sitting on my ideas for around two years now and no one else has come up with my ideas.

I know there's no point in making an app if there's no custom base for it, but I know my main idea for the app is something that will appeal to certain people.

I realise that I need to do a lot of work, but I'm a sahm and have the time,just not the knowledge and it's daunting.

FleshEmoji Wed 02-Nov-16 06:11:06

I'm an iOS developer and have done a variety of things from raising funding for my own startup & app (no longer in the App Store) to consulting for various things (most famous being X Factor and Hive) to now being the CTO and sole developer for Task 360 (which is on the App Store).

I think it's difficult to make money on your own app - and marketing is the usual sticking point. You can have the best app in the world, but how do people discover it?

But contracting as an iOS developer is very lucrative, and I managed to get a lot of gigs working mostly at home (though I think you'd need to be experienced before they trust you).

If you enjoy the idea of programming, then pick and app and write it to learn, but I wouldn't hang massive hopes on making your fortune.

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