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Android phone contacts & apps help please...

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winningticketholder Wed 22-Jun-16 17:23:28

I want to use a secure app for free sms, however they all seem to list my full contacts list and then are difficult to edit. So I tried Whatsapp but it listed everyone in my address book who had whatsapp then when I block unwanteds they still show on contact list.

I don't want to delete the contacts from my phone because I want to know they are calling but would prefer control over who is added to an app contact list.

Can anyone help? Are there any apps working like skype used to where you add only who you want? Is there a contact management app I could use and have a 'blacklist' of people I don't want much to do with but their contact info is held as a just in case phone book entry?

Another issue I have had since using this phone is contacts newly added often disappear - from looking online it seems this is an ongoing android issue so anything that fixes this would be good too.

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