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Software for creating Dvds

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Ifonly4oneday Thu 24-Dec-15 08:02:38

Hi folks

I have hundreds of video clips since DS1 was born. I have some on my phone and some on DVDs from and oldish school video camera. I am looking for a software in which I can combine these clips into a few DVDs. Is there a safe and inexpensive way to do this? hmm xx

ScandinavianInUK Sun 03-Jan-16 09:47:08

Some of the best software is free and you may already have them on your computer/laptop.

If you have recorded them on a windows or android phone you can upload them onto your computer/laptop and and edit them using Windows Movie Maker and burn them straight to DVD. Similarly, if you have recorded them on an iPhone you do the same process with iMovies and burn directly to DVD.

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