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Piggyback broadband

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Trullyparanoid Thu 24-Sep-15 19:51:28

I recently moved to a new accommodation. It consists of 6 rooms. I wanted to move my talk talk phone and broadband services. Talk talk told me that there is a line coming through the property and I was given a new telephone number for that line. My services will be remotely activated by but openreach on the 21/09/15. I notice that the master socket for phone and broadband already had a skybox-hub connected to it but there is no other master socket. A tenant said he has been using this as he had a verbal agreement with a previous tenant who left about 2 months ago. I was furious with talk talk when I was assured I would have my own line. I need it for work and my communication with family in the Far East. Talk talk sent a bit openreach engineer and he tested the described earlier.It was mine all along. I asked one of the tenants to witness what the bit engineer said. I know have a router - secured with wp2. On the night of the same day the tenant verbally assaulted me for messing up an arrangement with the previous owner of the line.Apparently he was paying into the account of that tenant and all the other tenants paid a nominal fee to use the wifi. My question is, legally I am the bill payer according to bt and talktalk. I don't want to share a 2 mb speed to 5 other people I do not know, whose virtual activities I do not know. Every activity if I decide to share the line would have to be monitored - I do not have the time for this as I work 6 days a week. I fear when I am out they might physically remove my router and put their own and abuse my connection. Please help as I want to resolve the issue with diplomacy and would least consider legal means.

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