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Any other web-forums?

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MsAmerica Thu 16-Oct-14 02:57:50

Are there any other internet forums you use, similar to Mumsnet, but more general, without the "mum" emphasis?

PetulaGordino Thu 16-Oct-14 03:15:36

Why on Earth would you need one?! wink

Seriously though, I don't have children and there is so much here that is not related to being a mother if that's what you're after

That said, I do use other forums but they are related to specific hobbies and interests.

zanuda Tue 26-May-15 13:45:14

PetulaGordino there are plenty, but it's better to find one that's about your sphere of interest. It's not an easy task, I agree. You could always ask but on some forums attitude to outside links is very negative. They will even remove name without link. On others - it's kind of relaxed and you could get really useful info. I actually found some really good forums just that way - asking people.

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