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any ideas for suitable task ap

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Hillbilly71 Wed 15-Oct-14 09:51:15

I need an app where I can see what work I have done for each client. Ideally it would be linked to the time spent on phonecalls to and from my iphone and the time spent on each report I wrote on Word. In addition I would like to add meetings from my calendar in Outlook. Is there such an app out there?

Hillbilly71 Wed 15-Oct-14 10:40:56

Edit: Actually more of a time-keeping app is what I need. My ideal would be to link my excel client spreadsheet to how much time and when ( inc calls, reports and meetings) I was spending on them.

There must be an app out there surely for solicitors, designers etc?

Dudess Wed 05-Nov-14 23:03:26

Hi, have a poke around the amazing resource that is Work From Home Wisdom.

Lots of articles published by those-what-know, including software recommendations:

Once on the site, search for 5 things, where the self-employed natter about 5 things they can't work without...I'm sure the kind of software you're after was mentioned.

Good luck!

BettyNettle Tue 18-Nov-14 07:17:25


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