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Rainbeau77 Sat 10-May-14 14:40:06

Hi there, I've just started blogging and am a bit overwhelmed by all the techie stuff! I wondered if anyone uses a blog host and if so, who? I have been looking at 1page and blue host. I want some tech and design support, a .com address and no ads on my page. Any bad ice would really be appreciated! thanks x

KateDavis Wed 21-May-14 23:23:51

My advice is to consider what you may want to include on the hosting space and then check the small print of companies to make sure they allow it. For example in the past I wanted to share videos with family and not put them on YouTube so I self hosted them, but many companies will not allow that (although now I'd probably put them on Vimeo rather than self host)

For information I'm with with 5quid host and been very happy with them for several years.

zanuda Tue 02-Sep-14 16:54:36

1. I did hear good things about blue host but from guys who've got no problem with theck stuff

2. 2 friends of mine are with hostgator. Both had English hostings and eventually were not happy with it. Minimal plan has unlimited space. They install wordpress for you (if you don't know how to start, but it's just a button from your account). Then you end up with admin panel/entrance and then do blog in wordpress yourself. As for support they have 3 levels, 24 hour phone (it's american hosting), 24 hours chat and ticket system. With tickets it's not that instant but they answer all your questions and solve a lot of problems.

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