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Anyone had a reaction to the swine flu jab

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HarlotOTara Wed 25-Nov-09 07:57:05

Am asking as my DD (12) had this yesterday along with the normal flu vaccine. My dh took her so I wasn't aware that she was having both together. Anyway this morning she has woken with a temperature of 101, feels dizzy and has a headache and said she felt shivery before getting up. I have given her paracetamol and will be keeping her at home today.

The leaflet we were given says that some people will have mild flu like symptoms that should go in a day or so. Am a little concerned she is feeling ill but wonder if anyone else has had this reaction. My dh said that he was told she would just have a sore arm.

dikkertjedap Wed 25-Nov-09 11:17:20

I also had both jabs and had several hours later 39.4 degrees Celsius, felt really really unwell, blinding headache,very stiff neck (I was actually worried I contracted meningitis, it was that bad, I didn't feel this unwell for a long long time). Next morning I almost fell as I could not stand on my left leg (had swine flu vaccine in left arm), very frightening. After 10-15 mins strenght returned in my left side and I was able to walk to work. Went home before lunch because felt absolutely dreadful, really ill. This lasted for two days, now fine (except told to take tamiflu which this time makes me very sick - had it in July didn't make me sick at that time).

DD (3 years and 8 months) had both vaccines last Saturday morning. Woke up from her afternoon nap shivering and violently shaking (she couldn't stop, couldn't speak, very frightening). Gave her food and let her watch TV and after 20 mins she calmed down (no fever). She also complained about very bad headache. During the night she developed high fever, stayed at 38.9 in spite of maximum dose of Calpol and Calprofen, after several hours went to out of hours GP - he said that this fever could not be caused by the vaccine and that she had swine flu. When we saw GP temperature was down to 38 degrees (early Sunday morning). Later that morning temp went up again but gave Calpol and Calprofen and came down and since Sunday afternoon she has not had any fever anymore. Generally happy, playing, fine. However, since then been struggling with tamiflu, I am as sick as a parrot and dd has just thrown up again. I still think that the GP has totally misdiagnosed the swine flu in the two of us and that the high fever is a reaction to the vaccines, but he was absolutely adamant and I didn't want to take the risk given my severe asthma and dd being under 5. Also, we are in a swine flu hotspot and it takes three weeks for an adult and even longer for a child (given need for a booster) to come clost to full immunity once you have received the vaccine (got this information from Glaxo website).

Anyway, good luck and we certainly don't think that the side effects were mild (unless it is true and we have actual swine flu).

gillisfab Wed 25-Nov-09 11:25:46

I had the jab two days ago and have not had any bad side effects. I have not had any flu symptoms at all. My arm has been a bit sore but nothing that's really bothered me.

I've got a large red patch around the jab site and went to see my GP about it this morning but she said that was normal and should disappear soon and would have no affect on the baby (due Feb).

Hope you feel better soon. The vaccine (Pandermix) does take 2 weeks to be effective so it could be possible you do actually have the flu.

tinalouiseuk Wed 25-Nov-09 11:26:54

As well as following the information on this forum, I have been reading at Facebook (there is a group where people list what happens after they have the vaccine) and on Twitter - overall, nearly ever one I have read speaks of high temperatures, tingling in feet or hands or both, some sense of being unable to move one or more limbs and a very harsh headache as well as pain where the shot was given.

The reactions to this vaccine certainly do not sound mild to me either.

HarlotOTara Thu 26-Nov-09 07:05:07

Thanks for your replies DD seems better this morning. When I rang her school yesterday the person I spoke to said that this seemed to be the common reaction to the vaccine. Rather concerning

teabagtea Thu 26-Nov-09 12:58:43

My DD had the vaccine with no ill effects whatsoever.

pixiegumboot Tue 08-Dec-09 18:46:48

My 8.5 month old has had a terrible reaction. Jab on Friday, OK till 4am sat am then really high fever (up to 39) which went up and down all day sat and sun. Very sore leg, couldn't move it and wouldn't let anyone touch it. He's hysterically crying and has now developed a barking cough and very runny nose, cough not getting any better and its now Tuesday evening. Doctor reckons its a normal reaction!!!! I would def NOT have given this to him if I knew the distress it would have caused.

dikkertjedap Tue 08-Dec-09 23:34:18

Pixiegumboot - given that he got a cough, could it be he has swine flu? He might have picked it up at the surgery, sometimes incubation is only one day ...

When we went for the vaccination there was a mom with kid who had just been diagnosed wiping snot on seats, toys in the pharmacy etc. great way of spreading it ...

It is one of my biggest concerns going to GP at the moment

Anyway, hope he will feel better soon, I suppose you give him calpol, can't remember if he can already have calprofen? I find that giving both in maximum doses for the age at regular intervals works best, although all children are different of course.

Good luck.

YourCallIsImportant Tue 08-Dec-09 23:36:47

My friend's sister has been off her work for 2 weeks after having the swine flu jabs.

She's had a really bad reaction to it.

bellissima Thu 10-Dec-09 12:33:57

My DD1 (10) had a sore arm. nothing else despite having a bit of a cold when she had the jab.

I think one problem with 'side effects' is that there are so many (non-flu) viruses going round anyway. There's this awful croupy barking cough thing going round DD2's class - it's not SF (one of the children with it already had SF when it went round at the start of summer (and was tested)).

Megatron Thu 10-Dec-09 16:59:02

DD had high temp and was shivery and a bit unwell the next day. Had a sore arm for a couple of days too.

HH365 Thu 10-Dec-09 23:05:59

Try the natural approach to swine flu protection, or indeed any other type of flu. How can a vaccine be tested and tried in such a short space of time and be classed as fit for purpose? Beware. supplements for immune support is the way forward without a doubt.

You need to prime your body starting 3 months or so before the cold season hits. And eat well, good nutrition is always going to be the key element in fighting off viruses.

bargainhuntingbetty Sat 12-Dec-09 14:56:22

I have been offered the swine flu vaccine because of the job I have and I am wondering what to do about it?? I dont want to be ill through the vaccine if I had no chance of getting the virus in the first place IYSWIM.

Anouskaa Tue 01-Feb-11 14:51:01

I had the flu jab on the 15th Jan as I am in an at risk category and have been very ill since. I initially had severe shortness of breath, severe muscle weakness even in my face, tingling hands and feet, internal shivering, rushes of chemical anxiety, diarrhea, waking at 3am, unable to sleep due to shortnes sof breath, in tears daily due to the emotional and physical strain - this has lasted on and off for over 2 weeks, I am now in my third week and I am on two inhalers to try and stop the bronchial spasms I am having, which are particular to swinme flu.

I am usually very anti drugs and vaccines and I did loads of research before hand and decided to take the vaccine as swine flu is so lethal. I have also been taking all the natural supplements but as I ahve such a dleicate immune system it is taking me for ever to recover! I am still not well and have been at times scared I would not get better.

However that being said, I am not sure I completely regret having the vaccine as my asthma consultant as the Royal Brompton says that his patients have been seriously seriously ill and that what I have experienced is better than having swine flu. I imagine that if I reacted so badly to the vaccine then it is likely I would have been very badly affected by swine flu.

Even my doctor had a severe reaction to the vacine, so I was lucky that she accepted immediately that this was all related to the vaccine, apparently symptoms can last up to 3 weeks if you are very hypersensitive, which I am.

I just hope that after all this a) I get better b) I am immune to sine flu!!

Jammygal Tue 01-Feb-11 16:30:31

Hope you feel better soon ;)

Anouskaa Tue 01-Feb-11 17:41:56

Thank you - so do I!!

bubbleymummy Thu 03-Feb-11 10:41:40

Sorry you are feeling so poorly Anouska. Hope you feel better soon. Not sure why you feel that swine flu is so lethal. Even as far as 'at risk' groups go the risk is still quite small. Of course it was your decision to make but I really hope you weren't frightened into it by the scare stories that the newspapers have been plastering everywhere

lucybrad Thu 03-Feb-11 21:40:40

Anouska - of course its very possible that you actually have had swine flu between the jab and it working. That would explain the symptoms you have been having. The jab takes several weeks to have a full effect, so it might not have been the jab that made you ill at all just coincidence.

Anouskaa Mon 14-Feb-11 11:21:33

Hi everyone

Yes it is ture I was scared into having the vaccine by the press and here in London there was a lot of it around and still is - my respiratory consultant syas beds are still full with those suffering very badly form swine flu. However I am still suffering from what I have now been told is ' post flu vaccine syndrome' - my asthma nurse and my GP actually admitted this exists and affects people who have underlying conditions such as immune or lung conditions - that is me. It is a tricky one because having those conditions makes me very susceptible to contracting complications from swine flu as well.

I really do not think I had real swine flu as I only had some sypmtoms and not all i.e. shortness of breath but no cough or infection ro sore throat. Muscle shaking and stomach ache/diarrhea but no rah=ging fever and no muscle ache.

Anyway I am still not better, it has been excatly 4 weeks - and I am now off to see a homeopath to try to boost my immune system

It has all been a very scary experience and I obviously will not be taking the vaccine again as my body simply cannot cope with it. Unfortunately you just cannot know this in advance - however safe the vaccine is and I do believe it is as so many people are fine - it is just down to the individual and their body and their immune system - so this clearly is not for me. I just hope I recover fully as I have been unable to work or have a full life for 4 weeks now!!

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