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Whats everyone doing about swine flu..are people still being given it over there??

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idobelieveinfairies Thu 12-Nov-09 13:37:53

A child has been diagnosed with swine flu in dc class this morning-bad timing as the whole class had their swine flu vaccines this morning too, so when we go and pick them up we will be offered tami-flu for them.

Did you?/would you?/would you give it to your children?

The last i heard of it it was causing some problems with some children??

What do you think?

idobelieveinfairies Thu 12-Nov-09 13:43:11


i did mean Tami-flu!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

whats everyone doing about Tam-flu???

i need to slooow down grin

idobelieveinfairies Thu 12-Nov-09 13:43:32

blush Tami-Flu blush

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