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Tami flu side effects?

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Claire2009 Mon 02-Nov-09 14:52:58

Took first tablet at 12pm, started a choke like cough that I couldn't stop/could barely breath shortly after (lasted 10 mins or so and was horrid), felt very very sick since.

DD took a tablet at the same time, getting a 3yo to swallow a tablet is hard work and I can't bribe her with sweets/food cos she's not eating.

DS, is on the same treatment, after 3 failed attempts he finally swallowed.

How much does tami flu actually help? Right now it feels like it's made me worse.

DD & DS's box says "Counselling advised" ..whats all that about?

Wigeon Mon 02-Nov-09 18:37:57

Gosh, that doesn't sound good. I am on the tail end of SF and my last 3 tamiflu tablets. My packet says that nausea is a primary side-effect and suggests always taking it with food (I just had a plain rice cake when I wasn't feeling like eating and didn't seem to feel sick). Also, the bumf I got suggests that you are most likely to feel sick after the first tablet and it should get better. But I've been having all mine with a bit of food just in case.

For your DD, again my packet / info suggests splitting the tablet open and mixing it in with something sweet, like apple sauce or chocolate sauce. Even if she's not eating proper food you might succeed with that?

I think tamiflu is meant to shorten the time you are ill.

And I'm not a doctor, but I think "counselling advised" probably just means that you should be advised of how to take it, its effects and side-effects before you are prescribed it. I assume you got all the same leaflets I did? They are probably the "counselling". I'd be pretty sure it doesn't mean that your DCs need to get down on a counch for an hour with a psychiatrist!

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