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Should I have my 9 month old vaccinated? Advice please

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Hulla Thu 29-Oct-09 18:03:55

DD (9 months) and I have been offered the SF vaccine by our GP by letter today (DH hasn't). I have no idea why we have been offered it as we dont fall under any of the criteria listed (chronic health complaints, suppressed immunone system etc) so I am not sure why we've been asked.

Anyway, my instinct is to do it but I dont know much about the vaccine.

Can anyone provide some information or links that could help me to decide please?

I'd be very grateful. We're seeing the GP tomorrow for something else so I was going to mention it (at least ask why we've been offered it) but I don't think we'll get objective advice.

stripytieandfourjacksinapile Thu 29-Oct-09 19:50:57

Ask why you've been offered it. Maybe their computer system has screwed up and they've offered their entire batch of vaccines to people who aren't really in any of the health risk groups! They ought to be told if something has gone wrong there, as there could be people who are at greater risk going unvaccinated. If they say it's not a mistake... not sure what I'd do then, sorry!

MinkyBorage Thu 29-Oct-09 19:55:07

Wonder why you've been offered it.

I had my 3 dc vaccinated on the trial because as they have no other complication it was the only way I was going to be able to get them vaccinated asap. I was beginning to worry about sf again, and decided that my nervousness about the vaccine was far outweighed by my nervouness about them actually getting swine flu. DD1 had the gsk pandremix, and dd2 and ds (6 months) had Baxter Celvapan. For some reason the pandremix injection seemed to hurt more than the celvapan, but the rest of the reaction has been the same; basically a slightly raised temp, no higher than about 37.7 iirc.

I would snap their hands off, but everyone's different, and I know that very few people would have done what I did.

MinkyBorage Thu 29-Oct-09 19:57:30

btw, I understand that people are more xconcerned about the long term side effects of the vaccines, but I obviously only have experience of the short term effects.

When we went for the second injections on Saturday, one of the Doctors working at the vaccine institute, on the sf trial was getting his children done, which was tremendously reassuring

MinkyBorage Thu 29-Oct-09 20:02:58

forgot to past link to the vaccine trial web site, the vaccine you will be offered will be the gsk one, I guess:

Hulla Fri 30-Oct-09 08:58:07

Thanks stripeytie & Minky, apparently it was a mistake! The computer was looking at all women who were pregnant in Jan-now (i.e. 9 months) to catch all pg women but didn't take account of those who'd had their babies.

Apparently I can ignore it.

Thanks so much, I will have a look at that link Minky in case we are offered again when the high risk groups have been vaccinated.

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