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Is there a chance that this is H1N1?

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MamaGoblin Tue 27-Oct-09 21:18:35

I've been unwell for two weeks now. Started with explosive squits and nausea, which passed off after a few hours' rest. Aching neck and joints most of last week. And a cough I can't shake off - two weeks later, I'm still producing yellow phlegm and now my glands are up under my chin. I started feeling worse again today - limp and wrung-out, and achey again. I'm not usually suceptible to long-drawn-out colds, and hardly ever get colds that go to my chest for so long. The only H1N1 symptom I haven't had, it seems, is a fever (I think).

I just presumed, because I don't feel that bad, that it's not the flu, but just a nasty cold. But could it be?

MaureenMLove Tue 27-Oct-09 21:43:47

It's possible love. Although, since you don't normally get bad colds/flu, it could just be your body finally giving in to it and making you stop.

I rarely get flu or colds either, in fact the last one was about 5 years ago and before that who knows. Definately not in DD's lifetime. That one knocked me out for 2 weeks though.

MamaGoblin Tue 27-Oct-09 22:37:18

Stop? I wasn't really wearing myself to a ravelling! grin Am a particularly slatternly SAHM with one reasonably well-behaved toddler. grin Maybe it was just my turn to get a really nasty bug.

I think I want it to have been Swine Flu, then I'm protected against it and don't have to worry about the jab when I'm trying to get pregnant or are actually pregnant. But there's no way I'll ever know, is there?

MamaGoblin Tue 27-Oct-09 22:38:30

AM actually pregnant, I mean. Tch.

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