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Dd 5yo - emergency doc thinks swine flu....

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pucca Mon 26-Oct-09 20:22:01

She has temp of 39.7, very hot to touch, very sore throat, lethargic and sleeping lots, headache, sore tummy, aching, runny nose and slight cough. She has not eaten at all and is not drinking much either (keep pressing fluids).

She started this morning and has gone downhill fairly quickly sad spoke to emergency doc this evening, as i got the code for tamiflu off the swine flu website and wanted to chat to someone in person. He says he is pretty certain from what i described it is swine flu...but i don't know if to get the tamiflu or not <confused>

Anyone any advice or experience?


dinkystinkystein Mon 26-Oct-09 20:25:27

Certainly sounds like it ticks pretty much all the symptoms. DS1 (aged 3) came down with roaring temp (just under 40 degrees) yesterday, listlessness, achy body and lethargic/sleepy and not wanting to eat or drink - emergency doc said it probably is swine flu despite lack of cough/cold elements and diarrhoea and prescribed tamiflu. Have started DS on it this morning as will speed up the recovery process if is swine flu. You can try crushed ice/ice lollies to get fluids in - worked a tiny bit with DS1 and put the contents of the capsules into jam/honey to get them to swallow (still tastes foul but easier for them to take).

madamearcati Wed 28-Oct-09 11:07:45

My DD had very simialr symptoms a week ago- high temp ,aching, tired , crying a lot,close to tears.Started her immediately on tamiflu and it seemed to stop whatever it was in its tracks apart from cough and a bit of tiredness/crabbiness. I would definitely advise taking the tamiflu EARLY

jeee Wed 28-Oct-09 11:09:41

If you are going to give her tamiflu, it is essential to give it as early as possible.

pucca Wed 28-Oct-09 13:57:47

Started her on it yesterday and she is much better, thankfully. Very odd as my G.P was sort of saying don't bother it won't make any def has within a few hours she perked up. Her temp went down to 38 and she is more herself.

Thanks for the advice smile

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