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Is it too late for Tamiflu?

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debs40 Sun 25-Oct-09 20:32:11

DS 1 (who is 6) started with some sort of virus at the end of term on Wednesday.

He was wiped out and had a high temperature. He has been snotty and not eaten much since.

He has a cough (although not sure if that is just because he's been snotty).

He has been pretty lethargic and has just been lying around watching tv and dozing. he hasn't really got any better.

Calpol has brought his temperature down.

We did the online SF checklist and they issued authorisation for Tamiflu and said to ring GP.

I've seen people post that it needs to be taken within the first 48 hours to be effective - is this right?

Also, do I have to 'quarantine' him for a set time?

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