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can you get swine flu more than once?

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cheeseandeyeballsarnie Fri 23-Oct-09 13:57:23

ds2 had swine flu just as the schools broke up for summer theres reports of suspected swine flu in the school again.can he get it again?hes 3(at the school nursery) and asthmatic.

LilRedWG Fri 23-Oct-09 14:01:54

I believe not.

cheeseandeyeballsarnie Fri 23-Oct-09 14:02:48

jolly good.thanks!

MadreInglese Fri 23-Oct-09 14:03:42

I heard you can, and if you get it again then tamiflu is not effective

(only hearsay though)

LIZS Fri 23-Oct-09 14:09:58

If it mutates then yes possibly, but not the same one.

cheeseandeyeballsarnie Fri 23-Oct-09 14:15:26


whomovedmychocolate Sun 25-Oct-09 15:32:21

I think part of the problem is because people are just assumed to have had it and there is no clinical confirmation they may just have had something else so unless you know for sure it was SF it's hard to say whether you can get it 'again' IYSWIM?

We were diagnosed twice with SF, then recently got something much worse and paid for private testing and that was swine flu. So either I've had it at least twice or the first two diagnoses were wrong.

cheeseandeyeballsarnie Sun 25-Oct-09 21:35:46

thankyou.very true.

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