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Oh bugger ....doc thinks it may be swine flu and has prescribed Relenza

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mosschops30 Thu 15-Oct-09 13:06:11

And tbh am shitting myself over it.

I had some cold symptoms on sunday, monday and tues but could still go round doing usual stuff.
Then woke yesterday feeling like Id been hit by a bus, could barely get out of bed, runny nose, sore throat, aching, pains etc etc. Tmep got up to 37.5 but doc thinks this is only due to me taking 4 hrly paracetamol since sunday and that it hasnt been able to get higher.

Rang doc today just to get some advice and she said its difficult to diagnose, and guidelines arent clear. She said she will leave me a presecription for Relenza (am 36 wks pg) but was vague about its usefullness.
She also said that complications such as chest problems usually come later not at the start so I now feel like Im waiting for something dreadful to happen to me and baby.

Any advice or opinions would be great, dont want to start looking at random crap on t'internet, but some first hand experience would be good smile TIA

SuperBunny Thu 15-Oct-09 19:27:42

I had SF at the beginning of September. Tamiflu really helped and I was back at work after 5 days. However I STILL have a cough/ chest infection and have hurt my ribs so much from coughing that I am on codeine.

Feel better soon, mosschops

mosschops30 Fri 16-Oct-09 14:57:06

thanks superbunny smile can i ask how it started? i havent taken any paracetamol since last night now and temp hasnt gone above 37.1
im trying to convince myself its not SF as havent taken the relenza

SuperBunny Fri 16-Oct-09 21:00:54

Here is my SF timeline:

Day 1: A temperature over night followed by aches and pains the next day. By the evening I was shaking uncontrollably, couldn't talk and went to bed at 8.

Day 2: Slept but started coughing, so much that I threw up. Fever slightly better. Started Tamiflu.

Day 3: Feeling more human, just v bad cold, slight temperature, bad cough.

Days 4 - 7: Cold got better, cough was very chesty and bad. Fever gone. Back at work. Tamiflu finished.

Week 2: Coughing A LOT

Week 3: Cough turned into tickly/ dry cough

Weeks 4 & 5: Cough still dry but coughing so much that I was lightheaded and had to hold on to something to stop myself falling over.

Week 6: Terrible pain in ribs on one side - can't get up when I lie or sit down. Prescribed codeine for the pain & to relieve cough. Bearable.

No idea if that helps. I was SO glad for Tamiflu - I felt a million times better when I started taking it.

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