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High temp and the runs - can it be swine flu?

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joshwah Wed 14-Oct-09 17:17:32

DS (age5)
woke up today with really bad tummy pains and kept doing mini poos (bit runny) this progressed this eve to weeing out of bum and raging temp. has gone asleep now (very ill unlike him) he has a bit of a loose cough and sore throat yesterday but not coughing today. He has really bad tummy cramps that double him over. Can it be swine flu?
Did anyone have it without a bad cough?

Waiting for docs to call back as he has asthma! Still waiting.....and worrying....!

Elibean Wed 14-Oct-09 21:46:18

Poor ds, hope its 'just' a 24 hr tummy virus...both my dds had 24-48 hours of vomiting with v high temp a few weeks ago. That was definitely not SF, but it was very unpleasant especially for the littler one.

That said, I know of a few 'probable' SF cases at dd's school where the cough developed after a day or two - when the temp started to go down, the cough kicked in. So hard to say.

My dds have (mild) asthma, I feel for you with the worrying...hope the doc's called and put your mind at rest.

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