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Tamiflu, confused!!

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mistermister Wed 14-Oct-09 09:03:51

Hello, please could I have general opinions on Tamiflu? Luckily I am not (yet) in the situation of having to decide, but my DS (12) has asthma (albeit mild) and I don't know what I would do if he got SF and I was given Tamiflu. I have read on reliable sites that it is not proven to have any desirable effect on asthmatics anyway and is only effective if taken in first 48 hours. My doctor implied (I know they can't categorically say) that at the end of the day it was my decision (in other words, they're not telling you categorically to give it) - it's all so confusing and at the end of the day, us parents just want to do the best by our children, don't we!! A friend of my gave Tamiflu to her first child who got SF and he was so ill with sickness etc, she didn't give it to the second - they both have asthma. Interested to hear from anyone, but particuarly those with children who have asthma. Thanks.

Elibean Wed 14-Oct-09 09:37:30

Its very confusing, I agree. Both my dds are on preventers for mild asthma (only ever triggered by viruses) and my dh has developed moderate viral triggered asthma in the past year - tbh, he would definitely make sure he took Tamiflu, because his lung capacity drops alarmingly fast with a teeny cold, let alone flu. And if it could help reduce risk of severe compliations, its worth it as far as we're concerned.

With the dds, its not as clear...I probably would try them on it, preferably within the first 24 hours (more effective the earlier its taken) if I was seriously concerned that they had SF and not just a bad cold. If they were very sick on it, I might stop.

Am sure that doesn't help much, sorry wink

eclipse Wed 14-Oct-09 10:44:18

We're in a similar position re asthma (mild & on preventers) and we've just had the flu. Got Tamiflu for ds (4) but didn't give it because the flu itself, the temp, aches and pains, wasn't that bad. However, the follow on cough has been horrendous. A week on and we're still coughing constantly all day and night so sleep deprived and physically exhasuted, chests aching and puffing like life-long smokers. I don't know if the Tamiflu would have made a difference to the cough but if I'd known what was in store I might have given it.

mistermister Wed 14-Oct-09 15:10:59

Elibean, on the contrary, your reply was very helpful - thanks. That's the thing, how do we know if it's swine flu unless they swab for each case?! I have heard of quite a few children being sick/dehydrated on Tamiflu. Eclipse - that's the thing, because there's no clear-cut advice, we're going to be left wondering should I/shouldn't I.... no wonder the doctors are divided on it.... thanks both for your replies.

jasper Wed 14-Oct-09 15:25:00

my daughter (8) has all the symptome of SF.
She is not asthmatic, however.

I am not giving her tamiflu.

paracetamol and plenty fluids

mistermister Wed 14-Oct-09 17:29:54

Thanks, Jasper, do you mind me asking your reason for not giving Tamiflu? Just interested to know. Thank you.

Elibean Wed 14-Oct-09 21:51:08

I suppose, for me, it'll be a case-by-case-going-on-instinct=and-how-bad-they-are type scenario. Not exactly science, but...

If the dds didn't have asthma, or any other of the underlying risk issues, I probably wouldn't want to give it either - because the sicky risks would outweigh the 'serious complications' risks. BUT I do know parents who ended up giving it (even though they thought they wouldn't) because their LOs temps were uncontrollable - and the LOs in question were very young (just 2, and 2.5). They gave it very early on, and the fevers came down fast after the first dose.

So I just do'nt know till it happens...urgh..

mistermister Thu 15-Oct-09 07:47:46

Elibean, it's far from clear-cut, isn't it?! Also,I have a DP who is dead against giving Tamiflu, so I have that to contend with as well!!!! smile

lonelyoldmadmoodluminchat Thu 15-Oct-09 11:07:24

DD had all the symptoms of swine flu, and I did give her Tamiflu. She was fine on it, but my instinct is that it did feck all to shorten her being ill. She does have a history of asthma, and gets terrible chest infections at the sniff of a cold.

I would say tho, that she is small for her age, and therefore had the smaller dosage, which I was happy about - I'm not sure I would have given her the full on child's dosage.

If ds got it or dd got it again, now, though, I wouldn't bother with tamiflu - I'd stick to what I know, ie calpol and nurofen.

dikkertjedap Thu 15-Oct-09 12:41:06

DH had swine flu during the Summer Hols (was confirmed after he fully recovered). We were all prescribed Tamiflu. DH full dose for five days, no side effects, was crucial in getting his temperature down (paracetamol and ibuprofen at maximum doses did not have the slightest impact). My dd (3years and 4 months at the time) and myself (asthmatic) were given tamiflu preventatively - half a dose but for 10 days. Dd had no side effects but had to mix with a lot of Belgian chocolate syrup to hide the taste and give sips of water in between plus bread sticks. I had a blinding headache but not sure if it was the tamiflu but just stress (did go away with paracetamol though, can't take ibuprofen because of asthma).

I would definitely take tamiflu again if either myself or dd were suspected to have swine flu. Rather safe than sorry, might be mild in most cases but DH was pretty ill until approximately four hours after his first tamiflu dose. All good and well that it is mild in most cases, I don't want to be one of the exceptions, and same for my dd.

tiredsville Mon 19-Oct-09 13:19:54

My child has been diagnosed with swine flu, he has asthma and I have authorisation for Tamiflu, but I just don't know wheather or not to give it to him.
His temperature is 38.8 and he has been coughing, yet he is lying on the sofa, watching telly while stating 'I'm bored' - so I'm here thinking is the Tamiflu necessary
as he is now singing along to an advert.
What do I do? I have to make my decision pretty quick due to the loss of effectiveness after 48 hrs, it's the side effects I'm concerned with, stories of children vomiting and having nightmares.
The Tamiflu Factor: you decide - these poxy words are spinning around my head.

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