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Don't like the fact I have to add my personal details to symptom checker

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Rachmumoftwo Mon 12-Oct-09 19:27:00

So Doctor Mumsnet, Swineflu, flu or something else?
Sat am- felt shakey taking kids swimming.
Sat pm- put DVD on for kids lay on sofa for a nap.
The rest of the weekend and today have been a blurr of sweating, fever, shakes, aching, coldsores, so tired I can't even move my head of the pillow at times.

It has taken me 20 mintues to type this, probably after sympathy but practical advice would be appreciated.

Must lie down again now, back when I can.....

stuffitllllama Mon 12-Oct-09 19:31:31

sounds worse than swine flu, sounds like "old fashioned" flu to me

poor you

Some kind of flu, by the sound of things. If you called the swine flu hotline you'd probably be "diagnosed" with swine flu, but supposedly only around 50% of the cases they diagnose will actually have it. You could call them (or is it all online now?) and you'd get Tamiflu.

OhYouBadBadKitten Mon 12-Oct-09 20:20:31

stuffit - for many swine flu is as bad as seasonal flu and as there is very little seasonal about still if it is flu and not some other random nasty infection) then it is likely to be swine.

Rach, that does sound horrible and rather flu like. Lots and lots of fluids and don't try and do stuff once you start to feel a bit better. Really keep resting. If you start to feel poorlier and poorlier you need to see a doctor. Any worries about breathing - see a doctor. If you have underlying health conditions talk to a doctor (and not the flu line) Hope you feel better soon.

<pops a lemsip in through the modem>

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