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If DS has Swine Flu, why is he so bouncy? Thumbwitch? Anyone around??

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MrsMerryHenry Mon 12-Oct-09 02:36:55

Am confused. DS (age 2.10) had a bit of a cough for a few days, then vomited on Friday (though I think that was due to me carrying him on my back shortly after a meal - too much jiggling, poor darling).

Anyway yesterday evening he came home from the park with DH, absolutely shattered and very sleepy. Temp going up slowly, Calpol not helping.

Gave him Nurofen at about 1.30am - he was hot and shaking.

About half an hour ago I checked his temp again and it was 40 deg, then he suddenly vomited all the milk he'd drunk since the evening. So that includes all the meds - no wonder they weren't working!

Have just checked on the national Pandemic Flu Service, which recommends a course of antivirals and has given us an authorised collection number. But we're not convinced. Mainly because now, having thrown up, he's as cheerful as a June bug and practically bouncing all over the house. Just what you need at 2.30 in the morning.

Does this sound like Swine flu to you? hmm Can't be fagged to go down to our local flu collection point if it's not. Maybe I should call the doctor in the morning.

LeninGhoul Mon 12-Oct-09 02:43:29

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGhoul Mon 12-Oct-09 02:45:08

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 12-Oct-09 02:55:50

Thanks, Lenin! Well now his temp has gone down to normal, and he stopped shaking before he threw up.

Storm in teacup is a good analogy - I have no idea if this is SF but if it is? Pah!

LeninGhoul Mon 12-Oct-09 03:00:11

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

LeninGhoul Mon 12-Oct-09 03:02:39

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMerryHenry Mon 12-Oct-09 03:07:06

Oh good grief, you poor thing - I was about to ask why on earth you were up so late! Will cross all my fingers and toes for you. Night night (I hope!).

Oh, and thanks for your advice.

LeninGhoul Mon 12-Oct-09 11:17:47

Message withdrawn at poster's request.

MrsMerryHenry Tue 13-Oct-09 20:40:15

Thanks Lenin - so sorry for your bad night! Think I managed about 3-4 hours tops on Sunday (including being vomited and weed on - niiiice.). Last night was better - an almost undisturbed night - at least, undisturbed by DS. I slept on a camp bed thing in his room (terrified of him vomiting in his sleep again) and kept waking myself up. Finally, DH woke around 4.30 and woke me up on his 'silent' sojourn to the bathroom, then my alarm went off at 5.30 to administer DS's meds, which he refused <<narrows eyes>>, then at last he woke at 6 and insisted on climbing into the narrow camp bed with me, then wriggled and snuggled and kissed my cheeks (sweet, but not when I'm trying to blardy sleep!) until about 8 when he finally woke up.

Did you really need all this detail? No. Does it help me to get it off my chest? Ohhhyes.

Oh, by the way - having received the 'diagnosis of SF from the Pandemic service, I took him to the GP yesterday. Turns out it's actually tonsillitis. Just as well I have a healthy mistrust of useless websites.

theswooney Tue 13-Oct-09 23:01:14

Sounds a bit hellish, all of it - hope he's feeling better now.

I can't quite see why they need the website and call centre at all right now, though I suppose there was no point shutting it all down between July and whenever a second wave really peaks.

It's not supposed to be any good really, if you think about it - it's just supposed to be a bit better than nothing at all. If/when GPs get totally overwhelmed in an intense second wave (like July but worse), I suppose we might be glad of it, but for now, with levels of flu still under normal winter levels, it's hard to see why we shouldn't just phone GPs directly as we would in a normal year.

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