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recovery from suspected swine flu - feel like i've been run over!

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starbaby Thu 08-Oct-09 16:48:32

I've been really ill with swine flu/flu (who knows?) for 10 days. In bed, 8 days of diorheah, was horrible.

I'm out the other side now, been up and about for the last 2/3 days but still off work but feel totally wiped out and so tired all the time. Still feel like i've got a really bad cold and am wierdly depressed.

Anyone else feel like this? How long did it go on for?

lou031205 Thu 08-Oct-09 19:21:19

Could be post-viral fatigue. Rest up. Sorry you are feeling rough.

Elibean Fri 09-Oct-09 09:50:49

8 days of diarrhoea is enough to wipe anyone out! Poor you. I would expect a week at least of feeling v tired/depressed, sounds normal after flu - maybe even 2 weeks IME.

Try and eat/drink light but nourishing stuff, rest as much sa poss and don't, don't, don't rush back to doing too much too soon.

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