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anyone had a really bad stomach, sickness, runs with SF?

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tinatutor Thu 01-Oct-09 17:47:37

I've been diganosed with Swine Flu and have spent last 4days in bed feeling like i'm dying.

Some of the symptoms have worn off today but I am still so ill with the runs and vomitting.

Did anyone else have this? How long did it last? I'm on Day 3 of stomach problems.

mumonthenet Thu 01-Oct-09 22:42:43

poor you, hope this will bump for you - maybe someone has some ideas.

Are you drinking lots of fluids?..can you keep anything down?

Don't suppose it's different with this kind of flu so if you can eat anything it should only be plain white rice maybe cooked with a carrot in the water, dry toast, a piece of apple......

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