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NO ONE will give my 6 month old dd Anti virals!!

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clouiseg Fri 18-Sep-09 18:18:27

Hi all

My 6 month old DD and I were both diagnosed with the big 'S' today, we both have quite severe symptoms (came on suddenly last night)and I was diagnosed by the Pandemic Flu Service. DD was disgnosed by NHS Direct and my GP over the phone collectively.

BIG Problem.

The GP told me she needs Anti Virals and gave me a number to ring. It was the Pandemic Service who said (understandably) they can't issue it for under 1 year olds, the GP HAS to do it as there are strict guidelines over the dose for babies etc. So rang the GP back who informed me that they ARE NOT ALLOWED to issue it either!!!!!!!!

I obviously (through gritted teeth) asked exactly WHO is responsible for issuing the medication that they ALL say she needs....and they had no idea. All I was told is that they have received updated information very recently and its out of their hands. The only thing I was told is that (and I quote...) "if she gets REALLY poorly take her to hospital, they might be able to help"

Ummmmmmmm...aren't we told NOT to go to hospital to limit the spread?? And am I meant to let her get REALLY ill?? Also, with me having it too am I supposed to pop my 6 month old daughter in a taxi and politely ask the driver to drop her off at A & E for me???

Please ladies, tell me the last half hour is just my imagination and this is all a big nightmare....because the alternative is that my baby is unwell and needs treatment, but no one is willing to step up!!!!

Feel very ill and on the verge of tears here....xxxx

Ps, also have 2 older dd's who are fine atm but it puts me in more of a pickle! sad

trixymalixy Fri 18-Sep-09 18:22:39

Apparently anti virals make things worse for babies under 1 and aren't recommended.

Hope you are all feeling better soon.

colditz Fri 18-Sep-09 18:22:54

Oh you poor poor thing - can you ring and ask to speak to a&e?

trixymalixy Fri 18-Sep-09 18:26:59


tethersend Fri 18-Sep-09 18:53:10

My dd (8months) had Swine flu and was prescribed Tamiflu.

It was truly horrendous. It made her very sick (she is not a sicky baby at all), and her sleeping was fitful. She would sleep for 20 mins max and wake up screaming.

I was torn- at the time, all the reports were of babies becoming seriously ill with swine flu, and Tamiflu being prescribed as a precaution; I thought it was important to persevere with it. However, after two days, I listened to my instinct and stopped giving it to her. She was a lot better almost immediately, stopped being sick and slept. It took her another two days before she was back to herself completely, but the speed of her recovery surprised me. Of course, she may have recovered with the Tamiflu- I am not a doctor, but I saw a huge improvement in her within hours after stopping it.

Interestingly, this was before any of the information about Tamiflu being bad for babies came out; I later read reports of insomnia and nausea in children, and identified with them; I did not imagine her symptoms through the power of suggestion IYKWIM.

Of course, none of this may be relevant to you, and every child is different, but I just wanted to let you know that Tamiflu may not be such a wonderful thing and that it is possible for a baby to make a full and speedy recovery without it.

I hope you both feel better soon smile

clouiseg Fri 18-Sep-09 22:11:03

omg tethersend thats awful!! As if its not bad enough seeing your litte one ill but that would tip me over the edge.

What alarms me is that both our family GP and NHS Direct said she needs Tamiflu. Two fairly reliable resources, or at least the first port of call for most families. WHY in gods name would they advise it when there is so much negative publicity surrounding the side effects?? Its crazy!!

I had heard snippets about it but to be honest I zoned out a bit as I get sick of the hype surrounding these 'fads' (please don't think I'm playing the severity of the illness down, I too feel like poo at the moment!). When all you hear about in the media is the latest Bird Flu/MMR scare/anything else to report, it gets a bit boring so I pay attention less and less IYKWIM! That said I am slightly ashamed that I didn't know more about the side effects in lo's blush

So, if its best not to treat babies, what do we need the meds for as adults (or is that a really silly question?)!

Also, what do I do for the poor mite? Obviously she's on pain relief and as much water as she'll take. But if she feels as bad as I do I feel SO sorry for her! She really isnt well. (Crying non stop or sleeping, she is refusing Calpol now too but the fever is ok at the moment) She is also coughing to the point of choking bless her.

Isn't it awful seeing your children suffer? It heart breaking!! sad

Thankyou for your advice and info ladies. xxx

clouiseg Sat 19-Sep-09 13:24:32

Well dd was up all night coughing until she gagged. She was very upset and cried a lot (very unlike her as even DHs silly face pulling failed!)

We actually pulled her cot out of her room and back into ours in the end through worry!

She's had half a feed today but seems reluctant to drink or swallow Calpol, but I'm certain thats down to a sore throat...mine literally feels so raw like all the skin has been romoved (sorry tmi but its descriptive lol). However her fever is managable atm with stripping her off etc.

I feel worse today than yesterday, aching LOTS more. Also am wheezing with my cough which is slightly alarming as I'm not asthmatic??? And to top it off.....mother nature has decided to pay me my monthly visit as well so hey ho!!

To anyone out there suffering with this SF, or with lo's who are, you have my FULL sympathy. But then no one ever said life was easy did they?? lol


tethersend Sat 19-Sep-09 13:54:24

Oh poor you and dd sad

We had exactly the same... I was ill for 2 weeks, although felt a bit better after one. DD however, had exactly the symptoms you describe, hacking cough and all for three to four days, showing a marked recovery within two days (no fever, sleeping better). She wouldn't swallow anything either- cold yoghurt was all we could get down her.

She will probably recover so much more quickly than you- I was stunned how much better my dd was when I still felt like death! She was honestly back to herself within three days. The cough (but much milder) hung around for a couple of days, but then disappeared.

I hope you both feel better soon... fab lollies helped me!; if it helps you feel better, I also lost about a stone in two weeks, so every cloud... wink

clouiseg Sat 19-Sep-09 14:37:39

lol @ the weight loss....its a blessing in disguise I s'pose if it trims me haha.

I'm trying to find where i can buy 1 of those dummies you can put calpol in for babies at the mo. DH tried asda & boots, no joy. If I can get her to have that I'll feel better but shes refusing it and spitting it out hmm

I'm feeling worse as the day gets on...even my fingertips hurt??!!!! lol. Still, 3 dd's to care for so need to use my reserve energy now I think. Especially given that DH is off out at a bike show all day tomorrow sad

I think I'll raid the freezer for iced goodies now....sure I have some Ben & Jerrys tucked away in there....!!


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